Clever Boy Escapes Stranger Who Followed Him from School by Asking Cashier to Pose as His Mom

A youngster was on his way home from school when he had an eerie feeling. A woman had been following him, asking strange questions about his family, so the boy did something unbelievably clever.

Ten-year-old Sammy Green is one special kid. The Pottstown, Pennsylvania resident experienced an ordeal that could’ve had a very different ending. Thankfully, he thought and acted quickly.

Sammy’s journey home from school took an unexpected turn when a woman approached him, asking questions that didn’t sit well with him.

The Youngster’s Clever Plan
The incident happened on November 11, 2022. The stranger asked Sammy where his mother and father were, and he knew something was off. While the woman was unfamiliar to him, she insisted that she knew his family. The woman indicated he should come with her, but young Sammy didn’t budge.

He was understandably worried about the situation but devised a plan amid his concerns. Sammy knew he needed to thwart the woman he believed might be trying to lure him away, so he did the only thing possible at the time.

The Potentially Life-Saving Actions
The youngster entered a store he regularly frequented and walked up to the cashier. Seventeen-year-old Hannah Daniels was behind the register at Dani Bee Funky, and Sammy’s words were something she would never forget.

He whispered to her: “Act like you’re my mom. This lady is following me.” Hannah remained calm, but she didn’t take Sammy’s words lightly.

The cashier immediately placed herself between the boy and the woman. The stranger was standing just outside the store, so the cashier could shut the door and lock it before something terrible happened.

Sammy recalled the frightening moment and noted that he was trembling in the store. His dad had taught him about stranger danger and the risk of kidnappings. As a result, the youngster knew how to respond to the woman.

The Boy’s Father Cried
When the boy’s father, Sam Green, later watched a video of the incident recorded from the store’s security camera, he said he was moved to tears. If not for his son’s clever thinking, their story might have had a tragic ending. He expressed:

“To see my child looking for help because he was afraid basically for his life, that cuts you deep.”

Dani Small, the owner of the store where Sammy found safety, was proud of her cashier and happy the Sammy found comfort in her shop. She added that her employee did everything correctly and was impressed by her response.

A Lesson for All Parents
Sammy recalled the frightening moment and noted that he was trembling in the store. His dad had taught him about stranger danger and the risk of kidnappings. As a result, the youngster knew how to respond to the woman. He did not trust her blindly and sought a safe place where he could wait for his parents.

His father hopes their encounter would encourage other moms and dads to educate their kids because it can make a significant difference. Sam urged families to practice dangerous scenarios as if they were practicing for a fire drill. Nobody knows when emergencies and crises will strike, so being prepared is always a good idea.

The Online Response
Netizens were shocked by the incident as viewed from the video footage. Many people were relieved to hear Sammy’s story had a happy ending, and they praised his clever actions, impressed by the boy’s maturity:

“This boy was smart and super lucky. I hope this is a wake-up call for the family, and that they can figure out a more secure mode of getting Sammy home safely.”

– (Abbie Al-Ghawi) November 15, 2022

“Aww this sweet baby. I can only imagine how truly terrified he was. I’m so glad he knew what to do and that Hannah acted so quickly as well.”

– (Tracee Stanley) November 15, 2022

“Praise to the cashier for quick thinking. I mean she was only 17 herself but didn’t hesitate to take action. Good job young man and glad you are safe.”

– (Brown Lovee Raichaun) November 16, 2022

“This can happen to anyone’s baby, even my own. I thank God he knew exactly what to do. My heart is crying because of the could ifs. Incredibly scary. I talk to my son all the time about the ugliness that’s out there.”

– (Sara Nevarez) November 16, 2022

The woman in question was located by police over the weekend. Sammy has since been called a brave little hero and started walking home from school with a friend instead of alone. We wish him and his family many happy and safe years together!

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