Clint Eastwood Is Almost 100 & Lives on Ranch That Is Older than Him with His Younger Girlfriend

Clint Eastwood has lived a wholesome life. With a successful career in film and eight children that call him dad, he has had it all. Today, he spends his time at his ranch with his girlfriend, 33 years his junior.

Clint Eastwood rose to indelible fame in the 60s after appearing in “Dollars Trilogy” as the man with no name. Since then, he has acted and directed numerous other films, and despite his advanced age, he still has not hung his acting coat.

While the “Changeling” actor is famous for his decades-long work in the industry, he is also known for his numerous public romances. In his tenure, the actor has been with many women, with all his romantic ventures ending up in breakups.

Actor Clint Eastwood at home with his wife, Maggie Johnson, October 1, 1959. | Source: Getty Images

In between their thirty-year union, Eastwood had many other flings and forbidden romances with the likes of stuntwoman Roxanne Tunis between 1959 and 1973.

After ending his affair with Tunis, he met model Sondra Locke, and the two began living together in 1975. Nine years into their cohabiting situation, Eastwood officially divorced Maggie Johnson. However, during his relationship with Locke, he also dated flight attendant Jacelyn Reeves.

Actor Clint Eastwood and Sandra Locke perform during this shooting of the Gauntlet in 1977 in California. | Source: Getty Images

In the early to mid-1990s, Eastwood had a relationship with actress Frances Fisher. In 1996, the “Unforgiven” actor married his second wife, Dina Ruiz. Of all his relationships and marriages, Eastwood thought Ruiz was the woman who would truly make him settle down for good. He told The Independent, as ABC News reports:

“As far as I’m concerned, this is the woman I like monogamy with.”

Clint Eastwood and Dina Ruiz on September 9, 1995 in Paris, France. | Source: Getty Images

Sadly, the couple split up in 2013 after 17 years of marriage. However, Eastwood would meet hotel restaurant hostess Christina Sandra a year later, and the two have been together since.


The “Absolute Power” actor’s relationships and marriages have seen him become a father of eight with six women. Eastwood was unaware that his first child, Laurie Murray, existed until they reconnected when she was thirty. The identity of her mother remains unclear.

Born to Roxanne Tunis on June 17, 1964, Kimber Eastwood is the second Eastwood child and is a producer and makeup artist. Kyle Eastwood is the actor’s son with his first wife, Maggie Johnson. He is a bassist and part of The Kyle Eastwood Quartet band.

Alison Eastwood is Kyle’s young sister, born on May 22, 1972. She is an actress who made her screen debut in the 1980 “Bronco Billy.” She has also appeared in “Friends and Lovers” and “Poolhand Junkies,” among many others.

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