The dog was spotted rummaging in the trash – she actually found a small puppy there!

A Brazilian police officer on his way to work saw a mongrel near a trash can. The man thought that the mongrel was looking for food and continued on his way.

Returning from work, he met the same dog, but this time she did not hold food in her mouth, but a small puppy! It is not known where the mongrel found the puppy. The baby was healthy and wagged his tail merrily. The policeman called a local volunteer, Marco Antonio Rodriguez.

The volunteer came and wanted to take the puppy, but the dog that found him was not going to give back her “new” baby. They decided to leave the puppy with the dog until he grows up and gets a little stronger.

But the problem was that the puppy was small and needed mother’s milk. Marco placed an ad in a group of volunteers with a request to respond those people whose dogs had small puppies and were fed with milk.

After a couple of hours, one woman responded to the ad saying that they could shelter the puppy for a while until he gets stronger.

Now the puppy has grown a little and feels good! It’s amazing how a homeless puppy immediately found two mothers!

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