A terrified puppy with wounds all over her body can’t even believe she’s been rescued…

A rescue organization, Redland Rock Pit Abandoned Dog Project, brings food to The Redlands each day to feed the street dogs.

They distribute over 350 pounds of food to the 100 dogs who prowl the neighborhood — can you imagine?

Harper approached them in a group of 5 other canines one day when the organizations were throwing out food.

Harper collapsed to the ground as soon as she came close — she was afraid. Natalie saw all of Harper’s scars and realized they couldn’t leave her there. She was taken to the veterinarian and treated for worms, a tooth infection, and anemia.

The psychological traumas would take a lot longer to heal.

Harper didn’t move much for three days, according to Natalie. Maybe Harper has finally felt protected but isn’t sure how to relax.

Harper is hanging on for dear life in one of the photos!

God bless this amazing puppy and her savior! I hope she is adopted into a loving, caring home…where they are adored!

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