Australian animal clinic shows rare golden possum they found and it strongly resembles Pikachu

The most amazing thing about nature, is the vast variety of different animals there are out there. For every fictional character, there’s almost always an animal who looks like them in one way or another. Like this golden possum, who was rescued by this Australian Veterinary Clinic and went viral for looking like Pikachu from Pokémon.

People couldn’t believe someone finally caught Pikachu!

The Boronia Veterinary Clinic, in Australia, rescued a rare golden possum that looks like Pikachu
We’ve all seen what a common possum looks like, but have you ever seen a rare golden possum? Their color is a result of an uncommon mutation that causes a low level of melanin in their skin. While this looks super cool, it actually doesn’t fair them well in the wild. It’s hard to hide from predators when you’re bright yellow, so it’s not a great trait to have for any small animal and is the reason they’re so rare.

Back in 2018, a tiny yellow possum ended up at the Boronia Vet Clinic and they decided the world needs to see the Pikachu look-a-like. They shared a Facebook post of her and Pokémon-lovers everywhere were thrilled.

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