Dad records ‘future vet’ and his patient’s sweet appointment

But this kid seems different. He either wants to be a doctor or a veterinarian.
And he’s already practicing early! Plus he has a very understanding patient by his side.

The boy’s father saw his son outside with their dog and the boy’s doctor’s equipment. And look at their dog, he was just patiently waiting for the boy’s next instructions. The father wanted to capture this moment but didn’t want to disturb “the vet in action.”

And just look at that! The boy knows what he’s going to do and what he’s going to do next.

First, he tested the dog’s reflexes and used a plastic mallet to do that. To further test the reflexes, he asked his dog for his paw, which he gladly gave. This dog trusts his “doctor” very much!

Now that the reflexes are given the a-okay sign, the “doctor” moves on to check the dog’s blood pressure.
The doctor slips the cuff through the dog’s paw and pumps the bulb to check blood pressure levels. All this is done while his dog just calmly sits beside him.

And when they were done, he gently puts his paw down while his “doctor” fixes his equipment.
We wonder if this kid’s dream is to be a human or animal doctor. And if this is any indication of what he can do when he dons the white coat, then we definitely wish there’ll be more doctors like him.

The kid is also very patient and gentle with his, well, patient. And those are the makings of a doctor who is going to be well-loved and highly recommended.

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