Dentist gives woman life-changing new smile after she’s a victim of malpractice & her teeth are pulled

Brittany needed a reason to smile again and Dr. Kenny made it happen.Brittany Negler has been through a lot in her short life. One thing after then next, it seemed like her life had become a rollercoaster that was about to bust off its tracks.

Still, she’s been trying to keep it together and work for the life she wants to have one day.In need of a smile
Both figuratively and literally. Thankfully, her mom shared her story at Dr. Kenny Wilstead’s clinic in Texas. The kindhearted dentist knew he could help her out, and so he did..

Lost all her teeth at 29
All her teeth were pulled out at just 29-years-old. It turns out, this unfortunate situation she was in started when she was a teenager.

She thought she was responsible for her brother’s passing.

Experienced a hard loss
He was 18 and suffering from Ewing sarcoma, a type of soft tissue or bone cancer. Brittany wasn’t feeling up for school that day, so she went inside her brother’s room and laid beside him.

After 15 minutes, she heard him take a big gasp and stop breathing.

There’s no question she blamed herself.

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