Electrician Goes On Mission To Fix Elderly Woman’s Home After Seeing It In Dismal Condition

A call to an electrician turns into an incredible act of kindness.Gloria Scott of Woburn, Massachusetts had lived in her home since the ’60s. Over the years, it had fallen into disrepair but it wasn’t until a light fixture started to spark that she knew she had to get some outside help.

She made the right call.Gloria called John Kinney of Kinney Electric and he quickly came out to help. He fixed her ceiling light but couldn’t help but notice the house needed a lot more than electrical work. Gloria couldn’t afford repairs to her home and didn’t want to ask for help. Lucky for her, she wouldn’t have to.

“No lights, no running water…it stuck with me over the weekend and I said I gotta go back there.” – John Kinney

Kinney came back to Gloria’s started to work for free.There was so much to do that Kinney started a Facebook page entitled ‘Nice old lady needs help.’ He hoped that other tradesmen would see the post and decide to help out. The response he got was powerful.

Soon the entire house was being redone.On the page, he wrote, ‘It’s not like we are trying to rebuild her whole house.” However, when John sat down with CBS Evening News, he laughed and said, “Well yeah now it looks like we are.” A community comes together thanks to John Kinney.

Gloria was overwhelmed with gratitude when John continued to help her. “Please don’t pinch me because I don’t want to wake up.” – Gloria told CBS Evening News

Soon there were work crews showing up at Gloria’s house to assist John. None of them asked for anything in return. Someone was in need of help and they were there to help in any way possible.

The renovation was no small feat.
The home was updated with all new electricity and plumbing, new walls, ceilings, and windows. The amount of time and energy spent was all worth it for this crew of extraordinary people.

A caring and dedicated crew.
Gloria’s porch was also completely rebuilt and the construction crew worked tirelessly on completing it…of course at no cost at all to Gloria. “It’s what you’re supposed to do.” – a worker told CBS Evening News.

The entire town came out to join the renovation.It wasn’t just experienced tradesmen who decided to lend a hand. People from all across Woburn heard about the endeavor and wanted to help in some small way. It was something very special and Gloria felt such appreciation for their hard work on her behalf. “Look at these people…I mean I can’t even comprehend the gratitude I have.” – Gloria told CBS Evening News

One man’s decision to help someone in need started a ripple effect.“There’s no words for it you know?” – John told CBS Evening News. Inspired by the positive reaction from his community, he started an organization called ‘Gloria’s Gladiators.’ John hopes to keep this spark of kindness going.

Now watch the video to see the incredible act of kindness.

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