Homeless Man Starts Playing ‘Hallelujah’ On His Guitar, Then His Partner Begins To Sing (VIDEO)

We know from talent competition shows like “The Voice” and “The X Factor” that talent can be found in unexpected places, even on the street!

A video is going viral this week showing an elderly homeless man and his friend performing a powerful rendition of the song “Hallelujah,” and it’s blowing away internet users everywhere!

The singer in the video is named Herbie Russ, and he was seen prior to this pushing a trolley up and down the street as he shifted through garbage.

He then sat down with the guitarist and proceeded to perform an incredibly touching rendition of “Hallelujah.” His unforgettable voice carried the music over the sound of cars, and before long, people started putting money in his box!

It has since been revealed that Herbie is not your average homeless person. In fact, he is a professional singer, producer, songwriter, and saxophonist who has been featured in commercials for General Motors, AT&T, the Ford Motor Company, and the Fox Network. Herbie is only homeless because he was kicked out of his home as a teenager, and he has managed to survive since then by playing for bands, sleeping on couches, and auditioning for acts on the road because they usually stayed in hotel rooms.

Herbie eventually turned to God for help, and he says that God sent him to a homeless shelter where he offered to sing and play music for the residents. Though he was turned down, Herbie was encouraged to do more gigs and use the money he earned to make the crumbling homeless shelter a better place to live in for other people.

Since then, Herbie has been doing everything that he can to help other homeless people. Check out his powerful performance below.


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