Horse brothers have powerful emotional reaction being reunited after years apart

There’s nothing like seeing an old friend after being apart for a long while.
That goes double for family members. And that doesn’t only apply to humans.Family reunions are totally a thing with animals too.

Some might doubt that they have the ability to remember family.
Or experience the emotions of missing their family members and being happy to see them again.But if you see the reunion between these two horses, you might think twice.

Koda and Harley are brothers.
According to TikToker @Wranglerbum, the two horse siblings had been separated and spent years apart.The reunion of these two horses was caught on video and ended up going viral.
“Welcome home Koda!” the video states.

It starts with Harley eagerly running up to the fence as Koda approaches.He then puts his snout over the fence trying to get as close to his brother as he can.

Koda slowly walks up to him and the two horses sniff each other a bit.
They touch foreheads together as if they are having an emotional greeting. It’s almost as if they are showing a sense of relief for finally seeing each other again.

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