Leftist Celebrity Jimmy Kimmel Gets Shut Down By Pat Sajak In Epic Rant

We seldom think of celebrities as being in the military when we think of them. It’s possible that it detracts from their image on the big screen and makes it difficult to see them in a serious role while wearing camo clothing and receiving orders from a drill instructor.

We also consider celebrities linked to specific companies, and we see them through the lens of their film roles.

Pat Sajak, the host of Wheel of Fortune, is known for his amusing personality and lengthy career on the hit game show. However, he has recently become well-known for his outspoken beliefs regarding left-wing celebrities and their ill-informed viewpoints on a variety of issues. On Twitter, he’s made quite a name for himself by posting some rather audacious comments.

His most recent message was, without a doubt, directed at Jimmy Kimmel. It read as follows:

“OK, let me explain this again: We’re celebs. We’re wiser & more empathetic than you. We are famous. Please take our opinions more seriously.”

After all, if you’re going to go on a political expedition, you should expect your idea of what makes America truly great will be challenged. He’s mocking the comments made by self-important stars who believe it is their duty to express their viewpoint about major world issues. And he wants everyone to know that just because someone is well-known, it doesn’t imply they are correct in what they say or how they feel about important issues. This isn’t the first time Sajak has said such things, and the political conservative is doing his best to put Hollywood celebrities in their place.

Sajak, who stated he is a veteran of the US military and served during the Vietnam War, has a clear background. He’s also an external director for conservative company Eagle Publishing, where he was on the Board of Directors and Hillsdale College’s Board of Trustees.

It’s probably safe to assume that Sajak is active in many outlets and has the knowledge to back up his claims. He is presently involved in a number of issues.

The following are a few of the other things that he has stated that go against his Hollywood counterparts…

“Nobody abhors violence more than Hollywood, and nobody does more to glorify it.”

“I wonder if the celebrities who moved out of the country will return for the demonstrations.”

He’s expressed his distaste for the awards shows on several occasions, and he recently tweeted the following:

“Looking forward to the next awards show/lecture.”

“Unhappy about results of last week’s People’s Choice Awards. Thinking of breaking Starbucks windows & trashing limos.”

Pat Sajak has, without a doubt, earned praise for not holding back in expressing his views and standing by them.

The majority of commenters backed him up…

“He’s also one of the few Hollywood celebs to have served in the Army, and in Vietnam, no less. He was a host for Armed Forces Radio there, and while Robin Williams may be more famous for the line “Good morning, Vietnam!”, Pat Sajak actually said it in Real Life.”

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