Man Is Shocked To Find 20 Puppies Abandoned On The Side Of The Road

A guy in Essex, England, discovered an abandoned cage by the side of the road while out on a stroll. He went inside to see what was there, and to his utter horror, he saw 20 terrified, abandoned pups cuddled up within.

When this individual called the RSPCA, Inspector Sian Ridley and Animal Rescue Officer Enola Evans promptly went to the scene and found the little puppies imprisoned in a metal cage.

“I honestly believed there had been a mistake when they informed me there were so many pups. I couldn’t believe 20 puppies had been left behind by someone. When we arrived, they were all pretty timid and afraid, and it was awful to see them all gathered in a cage.

The abandoned puppies were taken to the clinic right away, when it was discovered that they may have been a jackapoo mix and that they were from separate litters. Enola took care of one of the little children who was in extremely terrible condition, but despite getting medical care, he tragically did not survive.

And Sian.

I would want to express my sincere gratitude to all the onlookers who stayed to assist these puppies as well as to the veterinarians who were able to care for the puppies for a weekend in such a short period of time. Where these [puppies] are from is unclear. They could come from a hatchery, I think.

The rescued puppies, who were between 6 and 8 weeks old and comprised 14 males and 5 females, are thought to be from at least two different litters. Puppies who are a little bit bigger are also thought to be possible cockapoo or poodle crosses.

Fortunately, the staff of the veterinary hospital where the puppies undergo treatment has provided some of them permanent homes. They are still living in foster homes right now.

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