Men grab toy guitar and 8 million views with dazzling performance of “Pride and Joy”

Music and talent can be found literally everywhere. Apparently, they can be spotted in a Walmart’s toy aisle, too!

A couple of men who looked like regular shoppers at a Walmart were there to do more than just shopping.

Clay Shelburn and Zac Stokes were roaming the toy aisle at a Walmart when they spotted a guitar with Pixar characters on it. The toy guitar was made for kids, so it was smaller in size and it had Lightning McQueen on its exterior.

Clearly, this guitar is more of a toy than a musical instrument. But when Clay picked it up and started to strum, he transformed it into a real guitar!

In the video uploaded on Clay Shelburn’s account on YouTube, the man showed how a regular toy guitar can be used for music.
The small guitar looked even smaller in the musician’s hands, but it sure did not sound like a toy at all. He started to play to the tune of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Pride and Joy”, and that’s when the impromptu performance began.

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