Selena Gomez Accepts Her Body Shape & Hits Back at Critics: ‘I Am Perfect the Way I Am’

Selena Gomez has faced a lot of backlash about how she looks years after she started working in Hollywood. After getting help and spending years becoming comfortable with herself, the musician now proudly shows off her body with no shame or regret!

In May 2015, Selena Gomez showed off her full figure at age 23 in a bikini, and instead of getting praise and approval, the singer was fat-shamed. People were so critical of her that she ended up seeking professional help.

In October of that same year, she confessed to Us Weekly that she’d seeked help some she could work on herself. She also shared what type of incidences she experienced to push her to that point.

Speaking to the publication, the “Revival” songstress revealed how she’d arrive at the airport, and people would yell at her, “You’re fat!” It was awful.’ The star said she’d started working in Hollywood at age seven, but 2015 was the first time she was body shamed.

Gomez became sad about her continued criticism and tired of feeling like she was “pulled down by something.” She started attending therapy and could accept herself the way she was.

The star even “felt good” about being naked for her “Revival” album cover art. She said she was becoming more of herself, more self-aware, free, and confident while refusing to stay in her room feeling depressed.


Selena Gomez at the British Fashion Awards in London on December 4, 2017. | Source: Getty Images

In November 2017, Gomez opened up further about struggling with another issue – her lupus diagnosis. While speaking at New York City’s Lupus Research Alliance Annual Gala, the star revealed her diagnosis via Instagram .

In her post, she said she would be “lying low” for parts of the summer after receiving a kidney transplant from her friend Francia Raísa. She thanked her donor for giving her the “ultimate gift” and described herself as “blessed.”

At the gala, the musician shared how she was opening up about her lupus battle to raise awareness about it. She revealed how doctors discovered the disease after she’d undergone tests to monitor her kidneys.

Gomez was diagnosed with lupus nephritis, a complication from the disease, and was told she needed a transplant. The star she was doing well after her friend became her organ donor.

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