Son gifts poor parents dream home as ‘thank you’ for working hard to raise him all these years

Parents sacrifice so much to make sure that their kids grow up healthy, happy, and supported in life. These sacrifices are a gift that we don’t always recognize, but it’s wonderful to take some time to reflect on how much our parents do for us.

After thinking long and hard about how blessed his life is, and realizing that so many of those blessings come from his parents’ dedication to him, one young man decided to give the ultimate thank you: he bought his parents a new home. Posting the reveal on social media generated an incredible amount of love and praise from the internet, and it was a delight to see his parents’ reactions.

As immigrants to the United States, his family had to work even harder to adjust to this country and settle themselves. Lejuan’s parents both worked two jobs for much of his youth, working days and nights. Now, Lejuan can recognize that their hard work enabled him to live a life where all of his needs were met. He also credits them for their ability to make it all look easy: he says they never made their children feel how hard it was for them.

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