Sweet cop helps get elderly woman to hair appointment after seeing her on side of road

Officer Hofmeister could tell something wasn’t quite right when he spotted the 84-year-old walking on the side of the road. But little did he know – it would turn into an experience he’d never forget.
When officer Lance Hofmeister’s grandmother passed away a couple of years ago, he felt that he lost a part of himself, he lost part of his childhood and his heart was broken

It is true that grandparents and all that they symbolize cannot be replaced. Especially if they are close to their grandchildren growing up, the memories they create together help build a bond that cannot be broken. Not even after the grandparents pass away.

For Lance Hofmeister, losing his beloved grandmother was heartbreaking, but he was meant to meet someone who would bring back some of the sweetness his grandma had.

One day, Officer Hofmeister with Murfreesboro Police Department was on patrol around town, when he saw an elderly lady walking on the side of the road.

“I was driving down Old Fort Parkway and noticed what appeared to be a senior citizen walking down the highway with her walker,” he told

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