The cyclist found abandoned puppies in a deep hole and hid them in a safe place in his shirt

Professional cyclist Thiago Costa Silva was with a friend on a training trip in Brazil earlier this month. Having stopped to rest, the cyclist noticed five tiny puppies in a deep pit.

“The pit was in such a remote place that no one would have noticed the poor puppies. How could people be so ruthless to leave these little creatures to die here? They were weak and exhausted,” Silva told The Dodo.

The cyclists could not leave the puppies in the pit, they took them out of the pit and, not knowing where to put them, decided to put them in their shirts. Having sheltered the puppies in a safe place, they went to a12-mile-journey home.

“I took the puppies home and started taking care for them,” Silva said. Silva not only saved them, but also found good families for them.

“They are adopted by people whom I know and trust well. They will have loving owners and a home they all deserve.

Thus the heartbreaking scene of cyclists with puppies in their shirts ended in the cutest way! The puppies rescued from death started a new life in loving families.

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