Tiny Kitten Melts Millions Of Hearts With Morning Nibble On “Stern” Man’s Ear

You’re in bed, snuggled under your comfy duvet. You’re relaxed and want to sleep in peace.Then comes this yellow and white blob, which goes straight for your head. No!It bares its sharp claws and teeth and goes straight for your ear and nibbles it. And when they’re done, they’ll just snuggle up behind your ear and purr.

Yes, that’s right. That yellow and white blob is actually a small kitten. This small kitten belongs to Irina.His name is Pinky.Pinky lives with other British shorthair kittens and cats of a rare color.That’s probably why this man doesn’t flinch with Pinky snuggles up to him.He’s so used to living with so many cats already that this is just a normal wake-up call.

They probably don’t use an alarm clock because these cats and kittens will wake them up in the morning.

In fact, they’re more effective than an alarm clock because there’s no snooze button and they will cry non-stop until you get up and feed them.

Look at Pinky. She’s so comfortable nestled up against his shaved head.

That’s a sign Pinky trusts him.
When a cat rubs on its human’s head or face, it’s a sign that they like and trust them.

“When a cat rubs their face on or headbutts their human’s leg or face, they are actually marking [them] with the scent glands located along the side of their face and top of their head,” healthy pet coach Jodi Ziskin shared.

What are the other signs?
When your cat kneads you, when they grab your hand with their paws and nibble your fingers, it’s a sign that they need and trust you.

“[Kneading] is a holdover from kittenhood, when your baby kitty would let her mom know she was hungry and ready for milk,” Daniel Rotman, Founder & CEO of PrettyLitter, explained.

Another sign they trust you is what they do with their eyes.

They will gaze at you and then blink long and slow. And then they’ll still hold your gaze after the blink.

It’s the cat version of a kiss.

When they roll onto their back and show their belly, that also says they trust you.

Now, it’s not an invitation to start petting and caressing their belly. They’re showing you that, by being vulnerable, they feel protected with you.

And when they roll over and stretch their legs, they’re completely submissive and completely trust you.

A lot of people don’t enjoy living or being with cats.

Those who do love it.

Allergies can’t keep Irina from Pinky.
Irina has cat allergies but it doesn’t matter to her. She loves her cats.

“Cats have taken over most of my heart. They are a great pill for depression. I thank God for such incredible animals,” Irina shared. “I’m allergic to cats… But my love for cats is stronger and I cannot live without them.”

Irina makes videos of her cats to overload her viewers with cuteness.

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