Todd ChrisIey’s Son Got Down on 1 Knee & Proposed to His ‘Love’ before Her Sick Dad at Stadium with PetaIs

Todd Chrisley’s son, Chase, dropped to one knee to propose to his “love” in front of her sick father at a stadium full of roses! She was very surprised.
Todd’s Instagram reacted to his son’s engagement

The engaged couple opened up about their wedding plans and the possible “wedding planner’s nightmare.”
On October 5, 2022, Chase Chrisley, then 26, went down on one knee at Tennessee’s First Horizon Baseball Stadium to propose to his girlfriend. He and Emmy Medders had been dating for almost three years when he proposed marriage to her.

According to People magazine, Chase went out of his way to make his proposal special. He rented out the Tennessee stadium, which boasted 12,000 seats, and on the field were 175,000 red rose petals laid down in the shape of a heart.

Chase Chrisley in a screengrab of season 8 of “Chrisley Knows Best” on November 3, 2020 | Source: Getty Images

Medders confessed to the publication that she was “surprised” by the grand gesture as she hadn’t expected it. After his girlfriend had said yes, the “Chrisley Knows Best” star told People how he felt about proposing, stating:

“It was the perfect night. There’s no doubt I want to spend the rest of my life with Emmy. We can’t wait to build a family together.”

Chase had enlisted the assistance of his and his girlfriend’s families for the special occasion. Both families hid in the dugout to watch as he proposed, with Medders sharing this about her father:

“My dad is sick with ALS, so it was very special moment that he could travel to Nashville and be on the field.”

The television show personality admitted, “It was really important for me that her dad was there to see it.” After Medders agreed to marry him, Chase slipped a 3.5-carat oval diamond on her wedding ring finger, with her stating:

“It’s absolutely gorgeous. I can’t stop staring at it.”

The group celebrated the engagement by having some “good old Southern BBQ” at a nearby restaurant. Weeks later, on October 21, 2022, Chase announced the news of his engagement to his “love” by posting Instagram photos of the proposal and the ring.

One of his family members that gathered secretly at the stadium to witness the engagement was Chase’s father, Todd Chrisley. In a touching Instagram post, the family patriarch shared his reaction to his son’s engagement.

How Did Todd Chrisley React to Son’s Engagement?
The same day Chase announced his engagement, his father uploaded a snippet of the People article that covered it and a photo of his son on one knee holding up a ring to Medders. Todd leaned to his faith by noting how good God was.

He said he and his family were “blessed beyond measure” to be able to welcome Medders into their family and that he couldn’t have been “happier.” Todd revealed how he’d always be grateful that God brought a “God-loving” and “faithful” young woman into their family and his son’s life.

The “Todd Knows Best” star concluded his message by noting how they’d “forever stand” with the happy couple through any storm coming their way. Chase and his fiancée also shared their wedding plans with People.

What Are Chase and Emmy’s Wedding Plans?
Medders and Chase revealed to People that they hadn’t started planning their wedding day, although they had agreed on a location. The reality show star said he and his fiancée had spoken and wanted to marry in Charleston.

He [Chase Chrisley] was referencing that whoever would take on the task of coordinating the important day would have to deal with his father [Todd Chrisley]!

The other details still required discussion, but Medders revealed that her soon-to-be father-in-law already had ideas! Chase’s fiancée confessed that Todd had been calling her constantly!

As the usual busybody he was, the television personality sent Medders wedding dress options he thought were “pretty.” However, the couple was both pleased with his input, with Chase stating:

“My dad has the best taste of anybody that I’ve ever met.”

Todd’s son said they’d never needed an interior designer for any of their homes because his father had always handled that aspect. The “Growing Up Chrisley” star said his fiancée gave Todd free rein, saying she knew it would turn out better than she “could ever imagine.”

However, Chase jokingly stated, “I’ll tell you what, my dad is a wedding planner’s nightmare.” He was referencing that whoever would take on the task of coordinating the important day would have to deal with his father!

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