VIDEO: Huge lion gives a warmful welcome to the visitors at safari park

The lion was even purring!

Russian visitors were in for an unexpected treat when they went on a tour to visit some animals. They got free cuddles from a very massive cat. Uploaded to YouTube by Oleg Zubkov LION-MAN, a huge lion decided to welcome the guests with his presence. The big cat literally went up to the car and got inside with the visitors. The cat gets on everyone’s laps, trying to squeeze his massive body on the men and women now shocked by the behavior. King of the jungle, sure. One of the world’s deadliest predators and a perennial favorite among kids is just another cuddly cat given the right training. Would you allow this lion to cuddle with you? Strong, compact bodies and powerful forelegs, teeth and jaws designed for pulling down and killing prey are nature’s way of saying not to mess with these 4 foot tall and 10 feet long predators.

But apparently, a rub on the head and a hug on that huge body should calm them down.

Lions are one of the coolest, iconic images when they eat large animals that weigh from 100 to 1,000 pounds, such as zebra and wildebeest when cameras capture them in action. Would canned cat food suffice for this welcoming lion though?

“That is just the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I haven’t smiled this big in a while. Look at how the creation purrs and hums in pure loving energy. Amazing how when scarcity is removed, love takes over.” says a viewer named Angela Marie.

You have to wonder how these lions were raised. Must be an awesome job. One that requires incredible levels of bravery and a high tolerance for pain. The risks are all there, and even if these lions are cute, their basic instincts are to hunt. But they are interactive creatures. Lions are the world’s most social felines, living in groups of related females, which we all know are called prides.

A pride may comprise as many as 40 individuals.

Adults, sub-adults, lions between the ages of 2 and 4, and cubs. Some do have one or more resident males. Females hunt for their food and once a kill is made, they need to eat fast. Once the male arrives, he gets to enjoy the spoils alone. But this lion could care less about that. He just wants to make friends. Chances are these aren’t the first people he’s interacted with! Maybe these lions were trained to see humans as their pride. They’re obviously not in charge here so they recognize their trainer as the alpha. They just behave like kittens. Huge ones. Now, what if in the future, we could actually care for lions in our homes? Imagine them behaving like cats except so much bigger. Then you get to cuddle with them as these visitors did. Well some of them moved out of the way but you get the idea.

Check out how warm and friendly this lion was below!

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