Wild Fox Comes To Hear Man Play Banjo And Comes Back For Encore

Andy Thorn, a banjoist for Leftover Salmon, met his number one fan in his yard.He lives in Boulder Foothills, Colorado, with his family, and this is where he often plays his music. This is where he tries out some tunes for any song idea he has, and that is how he found his loyal fans.But his biggest fan is this fox named Foxy (of course!)

Andy said that he had been playing music in their yard, which attracted so many animals. From deer to turkeys, nothing could ever compare to this keen fox he later named Foxy.Andy was playing in their deck when he noticed this fox drawn to the music he was playing.
He was cautious at first because he knew that a fox could attack or harm him at any time, but he later realized that he was only keen to listen to his music.

Foxy would stop nearby, sit, and just chill there like he was in a private concert.

That’s when Andy tried to play different instruments.

He tried playing the guitar, banjo, and fiddle with no song in particular. He played tunes freely and attempted to create what worked for some new music, perhaps.

Among all those instruments, Foxy liked the banjo best.

He also had a preference on how Andy should play his favorite instrument.

“He definitely reminded me to keep it simple. I normally play the banjo with picks on, and it’s a little bit flashier. He would just sort of run off or not be very interested. One day, I was playing clawhammer which is a simpler style, and I definitely noticed he was more into that.”

It looks like foxes have quite a taste in music, too, and Foxy let Andy know that.

He sometimes brought with him his sister, mother, and even their entire family to listen to Andy. That’s how he showed appreciation for his music. Although, Andy said he kept his distance from Foxy’s other family members because he knew not all foxes had the same demeanor as him.

Foxy showed his dedication as a fan by being there no matter the weather.

He showed up even on snowy days. We guess the cold never bothered him anyway! He would still go near Andy’s deck when he played music and sit down to enjoy.

When Andy’s wife gave birth to their son, he introduced him to Foxy.

He ensured that his son was far enough to be safe from the foxes but close enough so they could still recognize each other. His son looked out from their glass window, and he got too excited every time he saw Foxy.

Andy said he felt lucky where they are now because the place had so much to offer.

He and his family could enjoy the beautiful view no matter the water, and they got to enjoy nature around them. Most of all, he felt lucky that he got to get close to other living creatures, especially his dearest, biggest fan Foxy.

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