Woman looking at shelter to adopt new pet finds dog she lost over two years ago

What is lost will eventually find its way home.
Losing a pet is as painful as losing a member of the family. So one can only imagine with Aisha Nieves of Allentown, Pennsylvania, lost Kuvo, their pitbull-rottweiler mix.

But sometimes, fate has a funny way of bringing two souls back together. And beyond the humor, there is joy and appreciation for providence.

Nieves and her family took Kuvo in when he was just seven weeks old.
With his build and image, Nieves decided to name the dog after the arrogant but loyal lion cub from Disney’s Lion King sequel films.

Kuvo grew up with them for years. In the span of five or so years, they’ve shown love and care for Kuvo. In fact, Nieves and Kuvo formed a special bond.

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