Ben Affleck’s Ex-wife Jennifer Garner Revealed His Nanny Scandal Affected Their 3 Kids’ Lives

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were already separated when rumors about the former’s affair with their nanny surfaced. Garner revealed that the scandal affected her children. Find out what happened.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are two of the most talented celebrities who have enjoyed a stellar career in the movie industry. They have featured together in various productions. However, their relationship goes beyond sharing a movie set.

The Hollywood icons were married! Their marriage lasted for ten years and yielded three children — Violet, Samuel, and Seraphina.

While they were married, the former couple were head over heels in love. During interviews, they often serenaded themselves with kind words and expected to stay married forever.

However, a cheating scandal put a rift between the duo, and they called it quits. Here are facts about the ex-couple’s union and their children.


Affleck and Garner first met on the set of the 2000 film “Pearl Harbor” but did not become a couple until a few years later, due to being in different relationships.

The actress was married to Scott Foley, whereas Affleck was engaged to Jennifer Lopez. But in 2003, Garner filed for divorce from Foley, citing irreconcilable differences.

A year later, the “Gone Girl” actor called off his engagement, and months later, pursued a relationship with Garner. The couple made it clear that they were very much in love and appeared in public several times.

In 2005, Affleck proposed to Garner, and they tied the knot. In the following years, the pair publicly voiced their love and appreciation for each other.

The mother-of-three once called Affleck the love of her life, noting that although he was complicated, he was the most charismatic, generous, and brilliant person in the room. For years, the former lovebirds would visit each other on set and show their affection in public.

In 2011, Garner told Instyle that she and Affleck knew that their achievements would not be possible without help from each other. Similarly, the father of three would praise his ex-wife on several interviews and stages, crediting her as his strength, along with their children.


Then, in 2015, everything changed when their nanny, Christine Ouzuonian, entered the picture. It was reported that the nanny allegedly tipped off the media to spot her and the actor together.

Despite their history, Affleck and Garner have since put their differences aside and become friends.

Not long after, Affleck and Garner sent shock waves worldwide when they publicly announced they were getting divorced. The surprising news became public a day after their tenth wedding anniversary.

The mother of three claimed that they had already been separated, months before the nanny problem began. However, many believed that Affleck’s alleged affair was the cause of the divorce.


After the scandal, Ouzuonian quickly became infamous as she was caught in a scandal with high-profile celebrities.

While some would take a step back from all the cameras, the nanny did quite the opposite. Once the story began to die, she reportedly started publishing new photos and exposed herself to the media.

According to a source from E! Online, Ouzuonian hoped to end up with Affleck and appeared unbothered about everything. She dined at a well-known restaurant usually flocked by paparazzi and sat at a table outside. An eye witness said:

“She was laughing very loudly and kept flicking her hair while she gossiped with her friends… she would stop talking so she could check her reflection in the outside window. She would then take a selfie.”

The eyewitness further stated: “In between the picture-taking and laughing, she would toast her wine glass.” After being the center of a scandal, finding a job as a nanny may be very difficult for Ouzuonian.


Affleck and Garner’s marriage may have ended due to the cheating scandal. However, the former said the scandal affected her children’s lives.

The actress explained that Violet, Samuel, and Seraphina dealt with the sudden disappearance of their nanny, which was not a great experience. She told ET online:

“I have had to have conversations [with my children] about the meaning of ‘scandal.’”

Garner temporarily moved into Violet’s room to cope with the mental stress, and the pair were happy to have each other. On the other hand, Affleck sought after becoming a better man. He struggled with alcohol abuse and went for treatments, often checking into rehabilitation centers.

The actor’s battle with liquor had its ups and downs, including a relapse caught on camera. However, Affleck is determined to overcome his addiction and become a better father to his children.

Although Affleck has made many mistakes and regrets many of his actions, he still considers his separation from Garner his biggest regret. After finalizing their divorce in 2018, the actor said he still felt guilty. He also added:

“The biggest regret of my life is this divorce.”


Affleck and Garner have since put their differences aside and become friends despite their history. The actress supports her ex-husband in his battle with alcoholism, and the duo co-parents their children peacefully.

Affleck believes that it is important for a child to be raised by both parents. He mentioned that being a good father was the most important thing during an interview. Not spending enough time with his father while growing up prompted his decision to be there for his kids.

The Hollywood icon loves spending time with his children, especially during Christmas. He once relayed that watching his kids experience the hope that Santa would bring them presents was a beautiful thing to watch.

Affleck is a wonderful father and not only has the support and admiration of his wife but the respect of his girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez. The actor’s girlfriend told People:

“I couldn’t have more respect for Ben as a father, a co-parent, and a person.”

It is quite commendable to see that Affleck did not allow his past mistakes to affect his love life, friendships, and relationship with his children. Hopefully, he will overcome his alcoholism challenge and be the best version of himself.

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