Boy Heads To 1st Day Of School And Spots Late Dad’s Fellow Officers There To Escort Him.

A local kid from Las Vegas will always remember that he will never walk alone.At Steve Schorr Elementary School, two police cruisers rolled in with their klaxon lights shining intermittent flashes of red and blue. A team of cops got off the vehicles and congregated around nine-year-old Noah Swanger.

It was Noah’s first day in school, but unfortunate circumstances almost left him entirely alone to face the new phase of his life.His father, Jason Swanger, passed away two months earlier after succumbing to COVID 19.

When the pandemic began, the police force found themselves at the frontlines together with health care workers. This made them especially vulnerable to the disease as they needed to respond to calls no matter where, when, or who.

As of recent figures, COVID 19 is the leading cause of officer deaths in the past year.
According to Officer Down Memorial Page, 241 officers lost their lives to the sickness. This year, the current toll is at 126.

“We still have to answer calls. There’s no way that we can’t. We are essential personnel, along with fire and EMTs. There’s no way around it,” Brandon Middleton, the Community Resource Officer for Little Rock Police, shared with KATV 7.

It was a reality that Noah’s family had to confront together with others who have loved ones within the force.

But Noah and his dad were not forgotten. Officers from Jason’s Enterprise Area Command squad surprised his son when they walked him to his first day of school.

They said it was a way of giving back to a selfless officer and a loyal friend.

“Every call that he went on was his most important call. He was thorough, he was caring, he had compassion for people on calls, and at the end of the shift, when we’re all ready to go, he’d be like, ‘I got to finish this call, I got to help this, you know, I got to help this person out,’” said Brennan Childers, a fellow Las Vegas police officer shared with KTNV.

The gesture, no matter how simple it may seem, meant a lot to Noah. As his mother explained, being supported by the police force somehow helped Noah remain connected with his father’s memory.

With all the love and support he is receiving, it’s not surprising that Noah wishes to be a police officer when he grows up.
And that dream will always stay alive. Because while Jason may be gone, his “brothers” will never let Noah grow up alone.

Watch the video below to see this squad honor their colleague by walking his son to his first day of school!
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