Brother Makes Breathtaking Prom Dress for Sister Because Family Has No Money to Buy One

When his sister couldn’t buy the prom dress she wanted because their family could not afford it, this brother took matters into his own hands. He crafted a show-stopping dress for his sister—one that she would cherish forever.

In 2020, a youngster from the Philippines warmed hearts across the globe because of the dazzling dress he created from scratch. The best part was the story behind the dress.

His sister, preparing for her senior prom, couldn’t have the ball gown she envisioned because of their family’s financial situation. This spurred Maverick Francisco Oyao to make a dress that exceeded even her wildest dreams.


The college student from Zamboanga City went all out when he decided to craft a dress for his sister, Lu Asey. In a Facebook post, Francisco Oyao chronicled the process and shared that the final product was produced through a labor of love.

The youngster studying toward his bachelor of arts and culture explained that he used the internet to conceptualize the dress. He got some inspiration from Michael Cinco’s Spring and Summer Collections.


Sewed piece by piece, the viral gown’s blue skirt was created first. This was followed by elaborate white satin ribbons, white plastic flowers, and crystal beads placed perfectly.

One online commenter made an unbelievable statement and indicated that she would love to commission Francisco Oyao for a dress of her own.
Francisco Oyao hand-painted the bodice in an ombré style that left viewers speechless. Lastly, he attached dramatic butterfly sleeves. This final touch elevated the dress from beautiful to fit-for-a-princess.


The brother shared a beautiful promise to his sister online in the post about the dress. He said: “I’ve done my part very well as your supportive brother, and I will never get tired of supporting you, that’s your brother’s promise to you.”

The dress and its story are what made the post garner thousands of likes and shares. Francisco Oyao also told his sister that this dress would be “the best” because she would be the one wearing it. These sweet words moved many netizens.


The online community was quick to point out Francisco Oyao’s remarkable talent. Many compliments and messages of praise for the young designer could be seen in the comment section of his post.

One user expressed:

“This is the most stunningly beautiful, intricate, take-my-breath away ball gown I’ve ever seen, not to mention a gift made of love. All the thumbs up and likes to you, this is a stunning craft.”


In his efforts to make his sister’s prom a night filled with magic, this brother went the extra mile. Netizens noted that the dress looked like something from a Disney movie.

One online commenter made an unbelievable statement and indicated that she would love to commission Francisco Oyao for a dress of her own. The user said she would be “honored” to wear his work to a gala. His act of kindness has certainly not gone unnoticed!

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