If you grew up in the 1950s, you remember this…

The 1950s was a charming decade. It was a time when everything seemed very simple, and if you were bored, you could just walk over to your friend’s house and see what they were up to.

You just had to ensure you were home by the time the streetlights came on. If you had grown up during this decade, you would love the snippet, which had recently gained popularity because it showcased the quintessential 1950s.


Growing up during this decade meant spending a lot of time outside, riding bikes, playing sports, playing street games, and climbing trees.

Do you remember clipping a baseball card to your bike’s spokes so it would purr as you sped down your block?

Children of the ‘50s grew up with toys that sparked creativity and imagination. They were simple toys like Hula Hoops, Lincoln Logs, Play-doh, and Mr. Potato Head. Board games like Scrabble and Yahtzee were also trendy among kids.

Milkmen used to deliver milk to homes on horse carts, and the clinking sound of the milk bottles as you walked down the street would still ring a bell in your mind.

Lunch staple of that time was the Fluffernutter sandwich, which had peanut butter and marshmallow filling with a banana.

You might remember that you probably flipped on your parents’ new black and white TV every Sunday night and cozied up watching the Ed Sullivan Show for an hour. Other popular shows were I Love Lucy, Howdy Doody, and Gun Smoke.

Drive-in movies were the best way to watch a movie during the 1950s. It was the perfect family outing. Your family would park their car, grab a speaker or tune in to the radio and enjoy movies all summer.

Another summer favorite was hearing the ice cream truck jingle down the road. Neighborhood kids would keep an ear out for the songs and sound of the ice cream man.

I bet you still remember buying those fake candy cigarettes and pretending to smoke those. Charleston Chew, Bazooka gum, Necco Wafers, and several other candies were some of the famous sweets of the 1950s.

Most of these candies cost only a penny. Classic black and white saddle shoes were worn by every alternate American.

A few more popular things during the decade were S&H Green Stamps, used as a reward system for shopping at certain stores. Families would collect the stamp and exchange it for products.

Rotary phones were the phones of the time. Entertainers like Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley gained popularity during this era. Elvis started the rock craze with his iconic pompadour hair. The snippet gave you a unique glimpse into the life of the people during the 1950s.

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