Instead Of A Veil, Bride Wears Daughter Down Aisle And Exchanges Vows While Breastfeeding

Dalton Mort gave birth to her daughter, Ellora, when she was 19 years old. From moving into her first home to going on her honeymoon, Dalton has always kept Ellora by her side for her and her husband’s milestone moments.

When it came time to planning her wedding, Dalton knew she wanted Ellora to play a big role — but she didn’t want to go the traditional route by having her 2-year-old act as the flower girl.

Dalton chose not to wear a veil, either. Instead, she told her wedding photographer she’d be wearing Ellora on her back during the entire ceremony.

It’s called “babywearing,” and it’s something more and more brides are doing during their own weddings.

Since Dalton is already so used to wearing her toddler strapped to her back for an extended amount of time, it only seemed right. “I knew it would keep her calm on a very hectic day,” Dalton told “Wearing her also allowed me to incorporate her in the ceremony in a way that was normal for both of us.”

Ellora fell asleep about 20 minutes into the mass, safely tucked into her LílléBaby carrier. Dalton even exchanged vows while nursing Ellora.

Photographer Laura Schaefer captured the adorable snapshots, which have spread online like wildfire and have garnered a ton of support from other moms.

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