Korie Robertson Celebrates Family Time: ‘Be There For One Another in The Good and Bad Times’

By Movieguide® Contributor

DUCK DYNASTY’s Korie Robertson celebrated her family in a recent Instagram post as she updates fans on her family’s Hawaiian vacation.

“3 years ago we began a tradition of a family trip every August, just us, no work, all play and adventure. It’s been incredible, bonding, also as you can imagine, not always easy,” she wrote under a shot of the whole family. “17 humans (missing Rowdy this year, he has a new job and had to work) 5 of them 3 and under, all traveling together takes work/planning/patience/grace/love, but so worth it!”

Her caption continued:

I heard a talk once about building a family that lasts, the point was made that when a family is first starting out inter-dependence is necessary, you need each other, your kids depend on you for their basic needs, you need your spouse to help divide the duties. Supporting a family, feeding tiny humans, raising children is no easy task!

As a family grows each person becomes more independent (which is healthy and good) but if you want a family that sticks together through it all you eventually must choose to be inter-dependent. You have to be intentional about it. Spend time together, offer to help one another, love each others kids, cheer each other on, talk together about your hopes and dreams, share some common goals, shared values, appreciate the differences in one another that together make you a great team and also keep life interesting, be there for one another in the good and bad times.

If you don’t have that right now with your family, you can be the one to start. Have a family meeting, decide that you are going to chose each other. Make a plan on what that looks like for your family. I talk to so many young mamas who are changing the trajectory and legacy of their families by choosing something different than they had growing up for their families and it is so encouraging and exciting. You can do it! It is possible, not easy, but nothing worth doing is ever easy, am I right?!

Robertson frequently spreads wisdom and gratitude to her Instagram followers.

previously reported on a post she made about watching her children grow up:

DUCK DYNASTY’s Korie Robertson is reflecting on what it’s like to watch her children grow up and enter new phases of their lives in a touching Instagram post.

“This season of life is full of new chapters!” she captioned a photo of herself with son Willie. “Now that I have a few more years behind me, it seems like the end of your teens and early 20’s are full of really short chapters…new school, new semester, new city, new roomate, new friends, a new major, new apartment, new job, new city, perhaps marriage, another move, maybe kids…all of this happens in a relatively short period of your life. It’s kind of crazy actually!”

Her caption continued:

Watching ours experience these chapters of their life right now and they are whizzing by! I know though in the moment it doesn’t always feel this way. When you’re in the middle of it, it can feel long, never-ending even, the unknowing of what’s next, the uncertainty of the length of this chapter before you “get to” move on to the next can be unsettling.

As I have been thinking about this lately and praying about this for our own kids, I just want to encourage you to:

1-lay all of your worries, fears, questions, at God’s feet. Worrying doesn’t add a thing to your life. He is the one who has numbered your days, and HIS WAYS ways are so much better than ours!

2-Be PRESENT exactly where you are and be GRATEFUL for this moment. In whatever stage you find yourself, God is there. He will never leave you, and you certainly aren’t going to miss him…He’s everywhere, and He promises to be with you!

Trusting in Him, one day you will look back and see all of what you thought were detours, all of the chapters that were a struggle, that seemed long and full of the hard, were actually guidance, growth, learning, protection, maybe even gifts.

I’m getting to watch my kids do this and it’s the greatest blessing!

Robertson has endeavored to raise her children with a godly worldview, inspiring to seek the Lord in their own lives.

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