Little Girl Mows Neighbor’s Lawn to Help Buy Food after Seeing Her Mom Struggling in Life — Story of the Day

Five-year-old Ella heard her mother, Liza, talking about not having enough money, so the little girl snuck out and offered to help their neighbor with his garden. But Liza panicked when she noticed her daughter gone and couldn’t believe where she went and why.

“Things are just hard. I’m having a hard time at work, and it’s like I can’t concentrate. It also kills me that I can’t take my daughter out more often or buy her simple things like cotton candy. I never imagined being or feeling so inadequate as a mother,” Ella heard her mother, Liza, say on the phone.

The five-year-old didn’t understand most of what her mother was saying, but she remembered that Liza always said no when she wanted something.

“We don’t have enough money right now, sweetie. Some other time, sweetie,” Liza often replied. Ella didn’t understand the concept of money so well, but she knew people used it to buy stuff, and apparently, her mother didn’t have much.

They soon heard the desperate sounds of Liza calling. “ELLA! ELLA! ELLA!”
She continued to snoop on her mother’s conversation. “I also never imagined losing my husband. It’s been a year, and it still feels like just yesterday. God, I can’t believe this is my life and that I can’t give my daughter more,” Liza said.

Ella could hear the tears in her mother’s voice, so she stopped snooping and went into the kitchen, where Liza was sitting, and she hugged her torso.

“Oh, Ella. You startled me, sweetie,” Liza said to the little girl. “I have to go now, Hannah. I’ll talk to you later.”

After her mom hung up on Hannah, Ella spoke up. “Everything is going to be alright, Mommy. I don’t need cotton candy.”

Her mother sighed heavily and returned her daughter’s hug. “Oh, dear. You don’t have to worry about anything, ok? We’ll get over this, and I’ll get you all the things you want and need soon. I promise.”

Liza started to make dinner, and Ella said she was going to her room to play. However, the little girl snuck out of the house. She had seen on television how kids got jobs from their neighbors, and maybe, she could do the same to surprise her mother.

“Mr. Finnegan!” She ran across their suburban street to their old neighbor who was getting the lawnmower out of his garage.

“Oh, Ella. You shouldn’t have crossed the street without looking both ways. Do you need something?” Mr. Finnegan asked, curious.

“Can I mow your lawn?”

“What?” the neighbor laughed.

“I can mow your lawn, and you can give me money,” the little girl offered.

He crossed his arms, but his smile stayed in place. “Why do you need money?”

“I want to buy Mommy something,” Ella explained, moving towards the lawnmower. It was so much bigger than her, and it would be impossible for her to work it alone. However, Mr. Finnegan saw her determination, so he decided to teach her and help her push it.

“See? I’m doing it! I’m doing it! I’m working too!” the little girl cheered as she mowed the lawn with Mr. Finnegan’s assistance.

They soon heard the desperate sounds of Liza calling. “ELLA! ELLA! ELLA!”

They turned and saw Liza coming out of the front door and looking around. Finally, she saw them and sprinted towards them. “ELLA! Oh my god! You can’t sneak out of the house like that!” Liza said, breathless.

“Mommy, I’m working! Mr. Finnegan is going to pay me!”

“What?” Liza asked, confused.

Mr. Finnegan enlightened Liza about what her daughter was trying to do, and she felt her heart tighten realizing Ella wanted to buy her something after overhearing her conversation with Hannah. Her daughter’s gesture was so beautiful, but it broke her heart that she felt it was necessary.

“Let’s go home, sweetie. Thank Mr. Finnegan for keeping you safe,” Liza said, grabbing the girl’s hand.

“Wait a second,” the neighbor said and pulled a few one-dollar bills from his pocket, offering them to Ella. “Here. For your work.”

“Mr. Finnegan, you don’t have to –”

“I insist,” he interrupted, and Liza could only smile at him.

Ella waved at her neighbor as they walked to their house. “Mommy, I’m going to work at other houses and get more money soon! You don’t have to worry!” she assured.

Liza smiled at her daughter as the tears threatened to fall. She might be struggling financially and mentally after her husband’s death, but she knew she was doing well as a mother because her daughter was a dream come true.

A few days later, Mr. Finnegan knocked on her door and offered Liza a new job at his company. The opportunity had better pay and flexible hours that wouldn’t get in the way of her motherly duties. Everything fit into place seamlessly after Ella’s sneak-out. It was meant to be.

What can we learn from this story?

All parents feel inadequate, but it’s important to remember that you’re just doing your best given your circumstances. Liza felt terrible about the things she couldn’t offer her daughter. However, she realized she was doing a better job than she had imagined.
Kids understand and know more than their parents imagine. Liza didn’t want her daughter to learn about her financial struggles, but she knew and decided to help her mother.

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