Man Rescues Hummingbird Who Returns To Thank Him Every Year

Most people never forget a kindness that’s been done to them. This goes for animals as well… including hummingbirds.That’s why one hummingbird makes sure to visit a Grovetown, Georgia man each year after the man saved its life.
Mike Cardenaz might seem like a tough guy.

And that’s because he is. He is a tattooed, muscle car driving, former SWAT officer. But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have a soft side.Cardenaz does have a soft side and it often encourages him to help animals in need. He’s currently nursing an injured chipmunk back to health.

“That’s what people call me, Dr. Doolittle,” Cardenaz told WRDW.
But four years ago, he helped to save a hummingbird in need. Cardenaz has flowers on his porch that attract the birds.

One day he came outside to find one that was injured to the point where it couldn’t fly.

“Several of his feathers in his wings were broken off and he couldn’t take flight,” said Cardenaz.
So, Cardenaz took the bird in and made sure that it was safe and well fed. He named the bird Buzz and nursed him back to health with Pedialyte and sugar.

“I had to wait until he molted, and regrew new wings. That was 8 weeks. And he became a part of the family,” said Cardenaz.

The hummingbird flies all the way to South America and back to Grovetown every single year just to visit the man who helped him.

And Cardenaz is 100 percent sure that it’s the same hummingbird that he saved that keeps returning to him.
“Random hummingbirds don’t land in your hand,” said Cardenaz.

But this year Cardenaz grew concerned for Buzz. Buzz didn’t show up during the time when he usually does. He was about a week or two later than he normally is. Day after day Cardenaz looked out for his tiny friend hoping he’d turn up.

“I was kind of worried about him and I was on the front porch, sweeping off the front porch and I felt something zoom around my head. I stood on the front porch, put my hand out, and he landed on my hand,” said Cardenaz.

So, the friends were reunited once more and it all started with a simple act of kindness. If Cardenaz would have turned his back on the poor bird his chances of survival would have been slim on his own. Now, they’ve formed a bond and friendship most people don’t get the chance to experience and for that Cardenaz is extremely thankful.

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