Reba McEntire Is Ready for a REBA Reboot: ‘We’ve Really Been Trying Hard To Do [It]’

Could we be getting a REBA reboot? Star Reba McEntire says it’s a possibility!

“We’ve really been trying hard to do a reboot of the Reba show,” the country star revealed. “I really want to work with the people that I got to work with during that six and a half years.”

McEntire continued, “It was fun, the cast, the crew, everybody we got to work with and play with, they were wonderful people. We wanted to get back together like a reunion and have fun, so hopefully that will happen one day.”

Other REBA stars are also ready to reunite.

Co-star JoAnna Garcia Swisher, said, “Are you kidding me? We’d love to do [a reboot]!”

When asked about her country star co-star, Swisher said, “She’s so powerful because she walks the walk. I get so excited when people ask me how she is. I’ll happily go on glowingly about this woman. She’s so strong even in uncertain moments, and she’s super grateful and gracious and kind.

“I really wouldn’t take her in a dogfight,” the actress continued. “Don’t underestimate her. She’s so strong. But I think she would win that dogfight not by beating the crap out of you. She would [with], you know, love. She’s just a really special human.”

Fans are ready for a REBA reboot, but McEntire has some other plans to take care of first.

Movieguide® previously reported on her upcoming tour:

Reba McEntire is ready to hit the road this fall, heading out on a 17-city tour with fellow country star Terri Clark.

“Terri and I have toured before,” McEntire said. “One tour we were with Brad Paisley. So we called it the ‘Two Hats and a Redhead tour.’”

The tour will kick off on October 13, in Lafayette, Louisiana, and finish on November 19, in Wichita, Kansas.

McEntire is ready to get back on the road and back to work.

“Everybody knows that I want to have fun doing what I’m doing,” she said. “I want to do work that’s fun.”

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