Step Dad Interrupts Family Photo Shoot Getting Down On One Knee Before Wife’s Young Daughter

Blended families have their own unique challenges to overcome, just like any family in history has! Learning how to deal with a new dynamic, understanding authority and friendship, and becoming a cohesive and loving family doesn’t happen overnight! When things do start meshing, however, “blended” is just a descriptor for their DNA, not their love!

Tim Bobbit met his (now) wife Annie a few years ago.Bobbit fell head over heels for Annie and soon knew that he wanted to be in her life forever. What he didn’t know at the time, however, was that he was also going to fall in love with another girl along the way. The girl in question? Annie’s little daughter, Kylee.

Soon, Bobbit and Kylee developed a fantastic bond that was evident to anyone around.

Whether it was carrying her to bed when she fell asleep watching movies, dancing in the kitchen, or playing video games, the two were fast friends. For Annie, it was a dream come true to see her partner care for her daughter as much as she did.

Tim soon found himself filling the place of “dad” in Kylee’s life, but never forced that title on her.

Situations like this one always require a gentle hand and a soft heart. Once you realize how much of the language we use behind titles like “mom” and “dad” isn’t as important, you can see how you can love someone like a father even though you have no blood ties.

As things progressed, Annie and Tim decided to get married.

The moment was a big one and Tim was going to officially be a part of the family! Standing at the altar, Tim and Annie made it official in front of their friends and family. What happened next, however, brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

Kylee walked up to the altar with a letter in her hand.

Handing Tim the letter, she asked him to open it in front of everyone. Inside was a handwritten note from Kylee, asking if Tim would officially adopt her as his daughter. As you can imagine, the room exploded in tears. It’s one thing to adopt a daughter, it’s another for her to WANT you to be her dad.

Weeks later, Tim finally made things official and decided to surprise Kylee with the paperwork.

Annie and Tim staged a “family photo shoot”, but it was really just a setup for the event. As they were there taking photos, Tim turned towards Annie as she talked about her “hair blowing in the wind”. Finally, Tim got down on his knee and read Kylee a letter he wrote. The letter was a heartfelt note where Tim was able to tell Kylee she was officially his daughter.

“Today, in front of our family and friends, is the day I officially adopt you.”

After some well-deserved tears, Tim pulled out a special ring for Kylee and handed her the papers making it all official. No longer her step-dad, Tim gave Kylee a hug as her real dad. In all reality though, we didn’t need a paper to know that though, did we?

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