This 3-year-old little boy melted everyone’s heart when he stood and lead the lunch prayer at kindergarten…

It is common knowledge that young infants imitate everything they observe. And it is evident from this young boy’s actions that he has spent time around people who pray fervently.
A while back, a video of a young boy praying became viral due to his adorableness. The young boy abruptly rose to his feet in his classroom as he exercised his right to freedom of religion.

He then bowed his head and prayed while bringing his hands together. Three-year-old Missouri resident Makhi Martin led his Pre-K class in prayer.
The young child shuts his eyes and, although his speech is still slurred, fervently prays for the dinner he and his classmates are about to eat.

Father God, he begins the prayer. He then continues, concluding by stating that all boys and girls in the world are blessed.

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