This Lovable Lost Dog Cries With Emotion As She Is Finally Reunited With Her Distraught Mother After 3 Long Weeks Apart

Kirstin Kapp lamented the loss of her cherished puppy for over three weeks. The dog, who goes by the name Liddie, had wandered from home, and when her mother realized how Liddie would be spending her time away from home, she was absolutely upset.

Liddie was doubtless as distressed and terrified, unsure of how to go back home. Fortunately for both of them, Liddie’s distress would pass, and soon they would reunite and, of course, never be apart again.

Kristin posted on Facebook:

“I’m really not sure how to handle this. I am missing a piece of myself, and there is nothing I can do to make it up. My dear daughter, you have my undying affection. Come home, please.”

The Dodo reports that although it is unknown how and where Liddie spent those days away from her family, she was thankfully discovered by a couple who had apparently heard that they were urgently trying to locate her. In order to finally bring Kristin and her cherished Liddie together, they were able to find her at the veterinary hospital where she works.

When they were reunited, Kristin couldn’t stop sobbing, and Liddie started leaping up and embracing her ecstatically because she couldn’t believe she was back in her mother’s arms.

Liddie was happy to finally see her mother after spending so many days away from home, and the reunion was quite emotional. Even in the video, someone can be heard saying: “The individuals who watched the reunion between the puppy and her mother were also pretty emotional.”

“Your people are back with you!”

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