This Man Builds A Moving Bed For His Senior Dog So She Can Enjoy Her Last Beachside Vacation

Tom Antonino, his wife, and his dog Cocoa reside in Georgia, United States. For years, their family’s visits to Virginia Beach’s pier have been a ritual. Chesapeake Retriever Cocoa, age 16, lost her ability to move with ease, so her father built her a movable bed so she could take her final vacation at the beach.

The owners of the gorgeous puppy was committed to assisting Cocoa in leading a normal life in her last moments. That’s how Tom had the amazing idea and developed the family’s pet dog’s mobile bed, which made it simple and comfortable to take the dog to her preferred location.

Tom, Cocoa’s father, provided the following statement to the neighborhood news station WTKR:

“My wife and I devised a plan to take her on walks using a mechanical creeper and other such devices. We connected everything together using a rope and a bed, and that is how we moved it.

After completing the mobile bed’s construction, Tom and his wife Lauren raced Cocoa to the Virginia Beach oceanfront so they could watch the sun set.

Carrie Copenhaver approached the pair there, stopped them, and took a few pictures of them that she subsequently shared on Facebook.

The writer said:

“Mike and I stumbled across this man walking along with his beloved pet a couple of weeks ago while riding our bikes down the boardwalk.”

Carrie continued:

She pulls out this homemade bed since she can’t use her legs very well to take in the seaside scents.

Tom was absolutely unaware that his photo with Cocoa would end up becoming viral because he doesn’t use social media.

The guy narrates:

“My brother-in-law informed me. Is that you, he asked me. and then other individuals chimed in, “Is that you?” and I confirmed that it is cocoa. Me and Cocoa are out for a stroll.

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