This sweet moment of Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing was completely improvised

Contrary to popular belief, this adorable moment in Dirty Dancing was completely unscripted.

In 1987, people all over the world met innocent student Frances “Baby” Houseman and her sexy dance instructor, Johnny Castle.

The movie Dirty Dancing was launched and that’s when everyone knew that “Nobody puts Baby in the corner”, Johnny’s famous words.

The iconic movie starred by Patrick Swayze as Johnny and Jennifer Grey as Baby was a major hit among the fans.

It propelled the careers of the two main leads and made them household names for the years to come.

There were a lot of memorable scenes in the film.

Dirty Dancing is a movie that truly left huge marks in the hearts of the people who saw it.

It struck everyone with its hot and sexy dance scenes as well as the sweet moments between the two main actors.

In a movie as successful as Dirty Dancing, it is easy to tell that there are a lot of memorable scenes in it that people love looking back to.

And there is one particular moment in the film that fans found really, really cute.

A scene that turned out to be real and not reel.

When it came to the part where Patrick and Jennifer were dancing to Eric Carmen’s “Hungry Eyes,” it can be seen that Jennifer burst out into a fit of laughter after Patrick ran his fingers down her arms.

It may seem to be scripted at the time, but their reactions were actually real.

Too real, in fact, that Patrick’s frustrated eye roll was also true and it was from a place of hate.

Yes, he was not too friendly when it comes to Jennifer, and this scene showed his true emotions.

Patrick and Jennifer were not secretive about their true relationship.

Fans all over the world are swooning over Jennifer and Patrick and found this scene quite cute.

It was like the two of them were having fun and Patrick was just having a moment of frustration.

But unbeknownst to fans, the two were really not on good terms at the time. The truth is, they hated each other.

Over the years, both have been quite vocal about their true relationship during the filming of Dirty Dancing.

They never liked each other, so they can never be more than friends, contrary to what fans would have wanted for them to be.

If truth be told, they were never friends at all.

Their professionalism and talent shone through.

Their dislike towards each other was there, yes, but it never showed in the film.

Well, except maybe this particular moment they shared, but who could have guessed when they were still oozing with chemistry?

It was quite unfortunate that this so-called chemistry of theirs did not reflect reality.

But, still, they kept their professionalism all throughout the filming and their promotions of the film and for some time after that.

It just proves that they are talented and highly skilled actors.

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