Toddler Holds Newborn Baby Sister For 1st Time Uttering Vow Of Protection

A Wynnewood, Penn., family could not wait until the newest member of their family arrived. Most excited about the impending birth of Baby Cora was her three-year-old sister Molly. Their big brother was looking forward to the milestone, too, but not as much as Molly it seems.

Some older siblings experience extreme jealousy of a new arrival and want nothing to do with the new baby. They cry, they throw tantrums, they ask if the baby can be returned to the hospital in exchange for a puppy or a pony. But not Molly.The second Molly had the chance to sit down and hold her new baby, she decided she was never going to let her go.

Baby Cora was tightly swaddled in a beautiful navy blue floral blanket, a peachy pink cap encasing her tiny head. Molly was parked on mom Heather Conley’s hospital bed, allowing this mom of three to capture the moment when Molly first met Cora.

Heather had no idea just what an endearing exchange she was about to witness.

In this heartwarming introduction of two sisters, Cora was gently laid down on Molly’s lap, nestled between her knees. The three-year-old wrapped her arms around Baby Cora and immediately was enthralled with her baby. The magnetic attraction was purely magical.

Molly stared intensely at her baby, enchanted by how tiny she was. As she recorded the girls, Heather advised Molly to be careful.

“Be gentle. Be really gentle.”

Molly patted Baby Cora and caressed her face. She rubbed her hands up and down her tiny swaddled body, then uttered the sweetest vow of protection to her sweet baby sister.

“You just came out of mommy’s belly. I won’t drop you … I won’t let you go anymore.”

Unable to resist, Molly gave her baby a gentle squeeze. She kissed her, rubbed her cheek on Baby Cora’s, then resumed gazing adoringly at the family’s new baby.

“You’re so cute.”

Molly smothered her baby sis in even more kisses. It looks like Heather has quite the helper in Molly. She might even be a baby whisperer!

Heather couldn’t believe what she was watching and was thrilled she captured it all on camera.
“I just got that on video.”

A very curious big sister, Molly asked if they could take Baby Cora’s hat off. Mom advised her no, still in disbelief at how genuinely delicate Molly was treating their baby. She shared their exchange on Twitter and can’t believe how many views the sisters’ video has netted.

“Everyone loves it. It’s just so innocent.”

Twitter user Rhonda Howard couldn’t get over the video.

“I can’t stand it. Too much cuteness!”

See for yourself how simply sweet Molly is to her new baby. This video is absolutely precious! It’s the perfect digital keepsake for this brand new family of five.

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