Injured Little Leaguer Thanks All Who Prayed For Him: ‘The Heavenly Father Is Blessing Me’

A 12 year-old boy, named Easton Oliverson, made headlines when he had to leave the Little League World Series after sustaining a head injury. Oliverson has a message for everyone who prayed for him and sent him well-wishes during his recovery.

Oliverson, a member of Utah’s Snow Canyon Little League team, suffered a skull fracture after he fell out of his bunk bed shortly after arriving in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

His family set up an Instagram account for fans to track Oliverson’s recovery, and he recently posted a video thanking everyone.

“Hi, everyone, this is Easton,” the 12 year-old said. “Thank you for all of your prayers. Please keep praying for me as I continue to get better, I know the prayers and blessings have worked, and that the heavenly Father is blessing me.”

Oliverson’s family also made their own post, thanking the doctors and hospital staff who have aided in the young athlete’s recovery:

There are no adequate words that we can use to describe the gratitude that we have for these two men- the doctors that saved Easton’s life.

They have executed each step in Easton’s journey from the first night until now with love, precision, intelligence, and care. We have, and will always have the utmost respect for these two men. Jace, Nancy, and our entire family will FOREVER be grateful for everything they have done for Easton the past two weeks.

While Tank is making great strides, he still has a long road ahead of him. Please keep praying! We love you all!

Please keep Oliverson in your prayers as he continues his recovery journey!

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