Luke Bryan Releases New Song That Will Make Liberal Heads Explode

The country music star Luke Bryan is triggering liberals everywhere in a big way with his new song that he released today.

Earlier this week, we reported that the country music star Luke Bryan was refusing to back down after receiving backlash for bringing Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) onstage during a concert last week. Now, Bryan has released a new song and accompanying image that are sure to make liberal heads explode.

Bryan Hit With Backlash From Left

Last night, Bryan took to Twitter to post a photo of himself hunting and pointing a finger up to God. Liberal social media users immediately fired back at him by expressing their anger at both his hunting and his openness about his strong Christian faith.

“Good bye Luke, Good bye ‘American Idol!’ This makes me sad but after Florida I can’t,” one social media user commented, with another asking, “Are you praying for the life that was just taken?”

“Not after Florida Luke. There’s no taking that back, unfortunately,” a third user wrote, with a fourth commenting, “I hate this photo. And I’m sure many others do to. Cruel and shameful.”

Bryan’s New Song
It wasn’t until Friday morning that it became clear that the image was actually a promotion for a surprise new song of Bryan’s called “Prayin’ In A Deer Stand.” Taste Of Country reported that the song, which was co-written by Nicolle Galyon and Jimmy Robbins, features Bryan reflecting on God and freedom while hunting as he stands in a deer stand.

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