Melissa McCarthy Is Quoted As Saying That She “Hit The Jackpot” When She Married Ben Falcone, Who Proposed To Her 17 Years After The Couple Had First Met

During her appearance on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” in August 2021, Melissa McCarthy revealed how she had first met Ben Falcone, the man who would later become her husband, in Southern Illinois, which is the region in which Falcone had been raised.

Melissa was already enrolled in college and a freshman when Ben was still in high school because of their age difference of three years. Despite this, the two individuals did not become friends officially until a week after their second encounter in Los Angeles.

Ben admitted to the actress that he had known her before the time when they grew close, but that he had been terrified of her at the time. Melissa came to the conclusion that he was telling the truth after she argued with him about how she didn’t believe he had ever recognized her before.

The moment he admitted to having been afraid of her, the actress had the sudden realization that he was referring to her! Ben’s buddies desired their parents would let them dress like the actress Melissa at the time, despite the fact that she was into the goth lifestyle at the time and scared people away.

Ben made a joke that the first time he saw his future bride, she was wearing a long black cape and her hair was dyed blue. He also said that he fell in love with her immediately. During an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in October of 2018, Melissa was asked about how she and Ellen first connected, and she provided some further details.

She let in that they had met at a party when they were both still in school; he was in high school and she was in college at the time. After ten years had passed since their first meeting, the two got back together at the Groundlings Theater, where they were both enrolled in a comedy class.

Melissa recalls how quiet and odd Ben was when he walked on stage to play an inmate who was in love with his cellmate. Melissa was referring to Ben’s performance as an inmate who was in love with his cellmate. Ben’s other classmates had to strain to hear him, and at that very moment, the actress had the following thought:

“Oh, he certainly is peculiar. I like him.”

During the course of the lesson, the two of them got to know each other and quickly became friends. They had no idea that fate had brought them together, that they would eventually be married, and that they would have children.

When the actress from “Bridesmaids” was interviewed for the cover story of More magazine in 2013, she said the following about Ben: “I was hit with the lucky stick with Ben.” The actor conceded that she was correct and said, “We got hit with the same lucky stick.” He then continued by saying:

“We started out on the same page right from the beginning of our conversation. We try not to get worked up over petty disagreements since we love and respect one another. In addition to that, we are great at making each other laugh.”

In an interview given to People magazine in the year 2020, she stated that the key to a successful long-term relationship was discovering the person you were “better with.” She had positive things to say about the actor-director, praising his intelligence and supportive nature.

The actress revealed that Ben made her laugh so hard that she peed her pants four or five times a day, and she described the experience as feeling like “hitting the jackpot!” Melissa had the impression that the actor approached everything in his life with compassion.

Melissa was perplexed by the fact that he was using her actual name to address her rather than their pet term, “Mooch.” She began to worry that she was in some sort of danger and that he wanted to end their relationship.

When Ben and his girlfriend were standing on the back porch, they were startled when they heard someone knocking on the door. The actor was unaware that Melissa had made the call to the contractor earlier that day to redo the tiles in the bathroom.

Ben began considering his alternatives and toyed with the idea of proposing to her in the dog park that they frequented often, but ultimately decided against it because he didn’t feel it was an acceptable setting. Melissa was engaged in a game of Tetris and watching an episode of an autopsy show on the television when the contractor finally left.

Her boyfriend appeared before her very rapidly and asked her if she would marry him. As soon as she recalled how he’d yelled the proposal at her “as he hates me,” the actress stopped playing Tetris and started crying.

Ben’s girlfriend had been crying for a while, but she hadn’t responded to his questions because she was too overwhelmed. Eventually, Ben became curious about the response. However, after living together for a number of years, the celebrity finally got the response he’d been hoping for!

Ben and Melissa were married on May 5, 2007, and on the same day, they became parents for the first time to a little girl they called Vivian. The young child has already demonstrated an interest in following in her parents’ professional footsteps in the year 2020.

In the film “The Boss,” which was directed by her mother and released in 2016, she played a supporting part. Vivian begged her parents numerous times over the course of a few months if she might have a role in the movie. Ben and Melissa always denied her requests, but eventually the young girl inquired as to whether or not she wouldn’t be permitted to at least give it a shot.

The actress from “Spy” praised her daughter for having the strength of will to make a sensible request, and she praised her daughter’s intelligence. They spent the following month determining her capabilities, and Vivian was a huge success in this endeavor.

In addition to taking after her mother in the acting world, Vivian inherited her passion for interior design from her mother. Her younger sister Georgette or Georgie was born on February 11, 2010, and their mother refers to her as a “daredevil.” Georgette or Georgie is the newest addition to the family.

When the young girl reached the age of ten, the actress from “Identity Thief” gave her a Hong Kong stunt harness as a present for her birthday! It was one of Georgette’s favorite activities, along with copying her mother’s flips and acrobatics.

The young girl had a streak of daredevilry in her, but she was also quite talented on the violin. After her sister Vivian was cast as the lead in their mother’s movie, Georgette pleaded with her mother to let her have a part in the production as well.

Melissa admitted in an interview she gave to Us Weekly in 2019 that she faced fewer difficulties and more delights in the process of parenting her children than she had anticipated. Nevertheless, the difficulties stemmed from her thinking about whether or not she was doing enough for them.

The recipient of the Golden Globe Award expressed awe and gratitude for her children, saying that they made parenting a breeze. While conceding that she believed her children were more capable than she was, Ben’s wife praised her brood’s comedic, intellectual, and peculiar qualities and added:

They’ve already accomplished more in their young lives than I had by the same age. I feel like I had to push myself to almost the age of thirty to acquire their level of confidence, so it thrills me to see that in others.

Her and Ben’s method of raising their children consisted of having conversations with them about how being kind and kind is a way for them to give back to the world and the people in it. The pair made it a point to fill their house with cheerfulness and joy.

Because of how quickly their kids were maturing, Melissa and her husband made it a point to savor each and every time they had with their children. They sometimes turned down possibilities for jobs in order to be with their family since they prioritized their relationships with their loved ones above all else.

Melissa and Ben’s relationship seemed to have all the makings of a love that will endure for the rest of their lives, despite the fact that such a love is exceedingly uncommon in this world. The actress uploaded a photo on her Instagram account on October 8, 2020, showing herself and her husband sharing a passionate kiss on their wedding day.

Ben Falcone, Melissa’s husband, wished for them to have another 400 years of marriage and speculated that at least a portion of those years would be spent with them both being largely robotic.

She added that at that point, the two of them had been married for 15 years already. Melissa expressed her gratitude to her husband, who she describes as hilarious, caring, and strange, on a regular basis. In August 2021, he posted a throwback photo from 14 years earlier.

Ben related that he and Melissa had a wonderful time at the wedding of their mutual buddy, which is where the photo in question was taken. He said that he had a good time during the wedding, but that his wife was the one who made things joyful “simply by being herself.”

The actor reflected on his life and expressed gratitude for the woman he had married, describing her as “crazy hilarious,” “brilliant,” “beautiful,” and “kind.” Before he confessed his love for her, he ended the letter by wishing his wife, whom he refers to as “Mooch,” a happy birthday.

In October of 2021, Ben posted an image to social media depicting him and his wife dancing 16 years earlier. After wishing her a happy anniversary, he began by telling her how fortunate he was to have married “the most lovely person in the world.”

Melissa’s husband wished for them to have another 400 years of marriage and assumed that at least some of those years will be spent with them both being half-robotic. According to what you can gather from his message, the couple enjoyed a loving and friendly relationship that was full of laughter.

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