13 Truck Drivers Line Up Under Overpass To Help Man

No doubt we have all felt overwhelmed by the world around us. Like there is no one to talk to, or maybe no one would care if we were gone.Sometimes, these feelings become too much, and people bring themselves to the edge of making an irreversible decision. For this Michigan man, in the early hours of a Tuesday in April 2018, he stood on that edge.

More specifically, he stood on the edge of an Interstate 696 overpass, where local police expected to find the man alone and were ready for the worst-case scenario.However, they were surprised to find 13 semi-trucks lined up underneath the overpass, thanks to Michigan State Police, who acted quickly.

Both the east and westbound lanes were closed to traffic as the big rig truck drives took their positions under the overpass creating a type of “safety net.”

In a situation like this with someone standing on an overpass, contemplating jumping, the first thing police do is close down part of the road, so cars aren’t passing below. While they are doing this, they will direct semi-trucks to keep going and park underneath the overpass like in this situation.

So although this might be the first time it has been captured and shared, it has been done many times before.
Although the trucks shortened the distance the man would fall from more than fifteen feet to about five or six feet, there was still work to be done to get the man to safety. It took several hours for the police to talk with the man and diffuse the situation.

While most of the country slept, 13 truck drivers performed an act of heroism by staying underneath the overpass for the several hours they were needed.

And then the story broke as people woke up across the country with pictures and videos from the scene spreading across television, computer, and mobile screens.

One of the reasons this incident went viral is because of the number of trucks that lined up.
Usually, situations such as this don’t take too long to diffuse, which means only two or three trucks get lined up.

But on this April night, it took police several hours to talk with the man and get him the help he needed. And luckily, at that hour, many vehicles on the interstate are semi-trucks. Because of this, 13 trucks were able to line up, making it a site worthy of photographing.

It’s important to keep in mind that police can’t force the truck drivers to continue and park underneath the overpass.
The drivers are doing a job and can face repercussions for being late with a delivery, so it is wonderful to see 13 individuals put another person before themselves.

Please watch the video below to see how people can come together and perform a lifesaving act of kindness.

And as you watch the video, remember above the wall of trucks was a man struggling with the decision to end his own life, like many of us or people we know might at some time or another. And this is why MSP Metro Detroit shared the photo on Twitter, to remind people there is always help.

If you or someone you know is struggling, know you are not alone, and help is available through the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

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