Abandoned shelter puppy is ecstatic when firefighter who saved her shows up to bring her home

The way she immediately recognizes him. ??It was a cold, rainy day in Sacramento when the local fire department discovered a heartbreaking sight.The No.14 crew had been on their way to a call when they spotted a 3-month-old pitbull puppy that had been tied to a tree, abandoned, and left to freeze in the rain.
Although they couldn’t stop before attending to their call, they vowed to return on their way back to the station to help the little pup.

One firefighter, Mike Thawley, even suggested they should double back and scoop up the pup.
The firefighters gave the pitbull, later named Chunk, a warm bath and plenty of love and cuddles. Her legs were swollen and covered in scabs, and she had lost most of her hair due to mange, a common skin ailment in mistreated dogs. After some immediate care, they took her to the Front Street Animal Shelter so she could receive further treatment and hopefully find a home.

The staff at the shelter started to treat Chunk’s mange and put her in some warm clothes until her hair had grown back. Although her mange was a mild, non-contagious type, her recovery and rehabilitation were still going to take some time. Unable to stop thinking about her, Mike Thawley returned to the shelter the next day.

Chunk had clearly not forgotten her savior, and greeted him with so much enthusiasm.
“We all just kind of fell in love with her,” Thawley said about the firefighter rescue that night.

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