Couple learns Denny’s waitress walks 14 miles for work, comes back with new car

A young waitress in Galveston, Texas, spends about 4 hours walking a distance of 14 miles every day just to get to work. It is no exercise routine. She does this just to save up enough money for college.

Adrianna Edwards works as a waitress at Denny’s. Getting out of bed early and reaching home late is a burden she puts up with. She got to meet a loving couple when working a shift at the restaurant.

She narrated her ordeal to them. The couple was touched by her sad story and decided to do something to ease her burden. They left the restaurant, only to return a few moments later with an incredible surprise.

The next moment was unbelievable to Adrianna. The couples held the key to a Nissan Sentra. They purchased the car at an auto dealer just after they left the restaurant.

They wanted Adrianna to be happy and achieve her dreams of bagging a college degree. Her 4 hours journey is now down to 30 minutes. She now has more time in her hands to improve herself.

“I thought it was a prank but the next day when I looked out my window, it was right there,” Adrianna said. It was like a big dream, but this time, she was living it.

The couple decided to remain anonymous and left her with a note saying “Merry Christmas,” with the hope that she would pay it forward someday. The door to Adrianna’s dreams has just been unlocked!

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