Johnny Depp’s son is a real handsome guy! His photos appeared on the Net and amazed fans

Many people know that Johnny Depp became a father twice. However, the Hollywood actor does not often appear in public in the company of his heirs.

It is worth noting that the daughter of the celebrity recently celebrated her name day. Lily-Rose is 23 years old and she decided to follow in the footsteps of her star dad, in addition, the girl is known to many as a model.

By the way, at the beginning of her modeling career, she managed to become the muse of the famous Karl Lagerfeld and even walk along the catwalk with him.

Lily’s younger brother is not as frequent guest at secular parties as Lily is. He prefers to lead a closed lifestyle and even on the Web is not as active as his 20-year-old peers.

Nevertheless, journalists sometimes manage to get fresh pictures of the guy, which just recently were discussed by the fans of the actor.

Many believe that Jack inherited the features of his handsome father and grew up to be his copy. Do you agree with this opinion? Waiting for you in the comments!

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