Lok rescue bull melts into rescuer s lap when she sings to him

In 2011, Patricia and her husband, Vitor, decided they had enough of the big city and wanted to reconnect with nature.
They reached the town of Camanducaia in Brazil and built a sanctuary where her husband can grow organic food and she can teach yoga.

Santuario Vale de Rainha was born.
“Vale da Rainha shelters over a hundred Master Animals: cows, pigs, horses, donkeys, goats, sheep, birds, dogs and cats – all of them rescued from mistreatment,” the website described the Sanctuary. “The Sanctuary then works on emotional healing with compassion, which also reaches us, humans.”.
The Sanctuary is a non-profit sanctuary with mostly volunteers operating it.

In this sanctuary, Patricia responded with compassion and love to the humans helping run the place and to the animals they rescued.

One day, a rescued bull arrived at their sanctuary.
He was supposed to be slaughtered for meat but he broke through a wall and ran away. When he arrived at the sanctuary, he was still crying.

“As I greeted him, he immediately looked at me and stopped crying,” Patricia described. “He was still a bit scared but I knew he would grow to trust me.”

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