Milo, Is A Dog That Was Lost For Five Months And Was Found On An Islet, Now Neighbors Come Together To Rescue Him

In order to save a dog stuck on an islet in front of Island 132, close to Neuquén, Argentina, a group of helpful neighbors band together and plan a rescue mission.

The dog was lost around five months ago in Cipolleti on the island of Jordan, and now, strangely, it seems to have been abandoned. Ivana Malaspina, an animal advocate who takes part in the rescue, claimed that the search for Milo the puppy started in October 2020.

In the Jordan Island neighborhood of Bardas, Milo had gotten out of his mother Julieta Scaardino’s automobile.

Since then, the lady has made every attempt to trace him and has even published a number of times with his images. Sadly, it had failed, but a few weeks later, a number of bathers started to notice a dog stuck on an islet and reported it on social media.

However, in order to get Ivana’s assistance and be able to save the animal imprisoned on the island, kayaker Valeria Cilleruelo made the decision to speak with her directly. Following that, both started a campaign in several Facebook groups to recruit assistance in saving Milo.

They found Milo’s mother in this fashion, who remarked that she had been seeking for him for five months and had not heard from him up until that point. Ivana and Valeria started making their way to the islet in a kayak so they could observe Milo up close and give him some food and drink.

They ran across Milo’s mother as she arrived at the site, and she was able to confirm that it was her lost puppy.

Milo raced away every time he spotted them because he was so terrified, anxious, and lost. It was really challenging to capture him. The plot to capture him was supported by a large number of sector inhabitants, but getting close to him proved to be nearly difficult.

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