After Grandma’s Death, Brothers Mock Younger Sister for Inheriting Just a Pair of Old Chairs – Story of the Day

Three brothers fought over the inheritance when their grandmother died, but their young sister, Terri, was just sad about the older woman’s passing. Eventually, she received two old chairs and her brothers made fun of her. But Terri discovered something shocking inside those chairs.

“And finally, my antique terracotta chairs go to Terri. I hope you overlook how worn they are and see their true value someday,” Mr. Samberg, the lawyer, read. He was in charge of executing Grandma Mary’s last will, and she had bequeathed several things to her four grandchildren, Paul, Oliver, Peter, and Terri.

According to the lawyer, the three brothers would get their grandmother’s house and the money in her bank accounts, and Terri would inherit the chairs. So, when he finished reading the will, Paul immediately cackled in delight. “HA! All that buttering up you did with Grandma didn’t work! All you get are two measly chairs that aren’t worth anything,” Paul snickered evilly and looked at his brothers.

Oliver nodded and laughed too. “Don’t you regret all that wasted time? Those chairs will look lovely in your modern apartment,” he sneered, and Peter joined in the mocking. But Terri ignored her older brothers.

“Unlike you three, I loved our grandmother. I just wanted to spend time with her. And I’m glad I don’t have to figure out how to divide anything with you people,” Terri scoffed at her brothers as they all left the lawyer’s office.

Terri packed the chairs into her SUV. | Source: Pexels

A few days later, Terri went to pick up her chairs, and the brothers were there. They laughed as she carried them to her SUV to take them to her house in suburban Montana. But she had been honest with them. This inheritance was better than dealing with selling a home or dividing money between them. Terri knew the three brothers were going to tear each other apart in that regard.

The terracotta chairs were nothing to write home about, in all honesty. The upholstery was worn and stained, unfortunately. But Terri had several fabrics at home that could work perfectly and make the chairs fit into her home décor. So, she pulled up some YouTube videos about restoring upholstery and learned how to do it herself.

She was going to reupholster the chairs herself. | Source: Pexels

She started with one chair and used a pair of big scissors to cut the fabric around the edges, careful not to damage the wood, which was surprisingly in pristine condition. But something odd came out unexpectedly. A golden ring had fallen on the floor. Suddenly, Terri remembered seeing it in her grandmother’s jewelry box.

“Oh, that’s odd. She must have dropped and lost it inside the chair at some point,” Terri told herself and continued with her work. But her hands touched something weird inside the fabric. It was tough and sounded metallic, so she hurried and discovered more things from her grandmother’s jewelry collection. She always admired Grandma Mary’s items but never imagined why they were inside the chair.

Terri tore through the other chair, still careful but faster. Inside, she discovered several stacks of money in 100-dollar bills, and she was shocked. “What’s going on?” she wondered out loud, although there was no one to answer. After sorting through the cash, she discovered a letter from her Grandma Mary.

There was a letter between the stacks of cash. | Source: Pexels

Dear Terri,

I don’t know if you’ll ever find this letter or any of the items I hid inside the chairs. But I hope you will. Some time ago, I heard your brothers arguing about their inheritance, and they spoke awfully about you. They said you were sucking up to me to get more stuff. But I know that’s not true. I know that you loved me truly.

I didn’t want you to fight with them when I’m gone. I know they are a handful and would’ve fought you over the jewelry. So I hid it, and don’t worry because Mr. Samberg knows about it. Now, the jewelry is all yours. I always wanted you to have it. I hope the money is enough for you to buy something fun. You are lovely and full of life, and people like your brothers are jealous of that stuff.

Don’t let that get you down.

I love you with all my heart,

Grandma Mary

Terri wore the jewelry to family events and her brothers said nothing. | Source: Pexels

Terri cried as she hugged the piece of paper to her chest. Her grandmother didn’t want her to fight with her brothers, and Terri couldn’t believe she had done something so sneaky. It was hilarious and lovely, exactly why she loved her grandmother so much. Now, she got to cherish Grandma Mary’s jewels, and her brothers would not be able to do anything about it.

“Thank you, Grandma,” she whispered to the sky and collected everything from the chairs. She placed the money in her safe and the jewels into her jewelry box.

Eventually, she started wearing them to family events, and her brothers seemed to notice. But they never said anything because they were all still so happy that they allegedly got more from their Grandma Mary. They probably thought Terri got them way before their grandmother died. But Terri knew the truth. She didn’t care that other people didn’t know. It was her little secret with her grandmother.

he wished her grandmother was still here. | Source: Pexels

It was perfect that way. The only downside is that she couldn’t share her glee with the woman she loved so much.

What can we learn from this story?

Don’t underestimate what you receive as an inheritance. Her brothers mocked her, but Terri was just grateful to be included.
Greediness is one of the ugliest characteristics in the world. Terri’s brothers were awful people who only cared about profiting from their grandmother. But Terri was completely different. She genuinely cared about Grandma Mary and ended up gaining more from her because of it.
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