‘Face of Jesus Christ’ spotted on side of Chinese takeaway in Sunderland

They say God works in mysterious ways – and the face of Jesus Christ appearing on the wall of a Chinese takeaway in Sunderland may just be proof.
The lifelike image was spotted by two customers outside Mayho Chinese Takeaway in Tyne and Wear as they waited for their food during a night out.

Ian Ridley and Lawrence Boys admitted they were ‘a bit drunk’ when they noticed the peeling paint and dirt on the door appeared to form the face of Jesus.
The pair immediately took a snap of the image which is facing in the direction of a church located near the takeaway.

We were a little drunk at the time and went to get something to eat,’ explained Mr Ridley.
‘We were waiting for our meal outside when we saw it.

‘It was Jesus looking right at us, we were shocked and couldn’t believe it. It’s a miracle!’
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He added: ‘Since I took the picture, we have shown it to loads of people and all of them can see it instantly.

‘It is amazing and they can’t believe it.’
It isn’t the first time a holy image has appeared somewhere strange having previously been spotted on the side of a cheese sandwich, on Google Earth and even Mars.

Back in 2003, 25,000 people also flocked to see an image of the Virgin Mary on a hospital window in Boston.

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