Marines Are Now Allowed To Wear Nail Polish To Be More “Inclusive”

As the United States moves further into a progressive era, the United States Military is striving to keep up with all of the adjustments and “woke” policy updates. Now, the United States Marine Corps has announced that they’ve changed the dress code requirements for recruits and that Marines can now wear nail polish and express themselves through hairstyles of their own choosing.

The changes were approved by the Marine Corps uniform board last month and were revealed to the general public on Wednesday. Some changes that the Marines made to make their membership more “inclusive” include allowing Marines to grow the “bulk of their hair” up to three inches, which is a significant change from the previous two-inch limit.

Male Marines are now also given a chance to express their personalities through their hairstyle by giving them a chance to “edge up” their hair. This rule allows Marines to shave off a “widow’s peak” or cut other hair on the forehead or along the hairline to make for an overall neater look.

“‘Edging up’ undesirable hair that extends beyond or below the natural hairline is authorized (e.g., remove a ‘widow’s peak,’ or remove excessive hair on the forehead, so it provides a neat line), as long as it provides a neat, professional, and natural appearance,” the MARADMIN reads.

However, female Marines are allowed to have manicured nails with polish so long as “the appropriate nail polish colors and styles are updated for all uniforms.” Female Marines can now get an ombre or faded manicure. Previously, the only manicures women Marines were allowed to get were clear or “nude” varnish to match their skin tone.

Now, female Marines can wear polish in shades of pink or red so long as the chosen polish “compliment the skin tone” of the Marine. The guidelines forbid Marines from using “multiple colors and decorative ornamentation” on their nails.

Marines are also given a chance to customize their look with helmet caps in different colors.

“(Commercial) black, olive drab, MARPAT and coyote helmet caps (also known as helmet caps or helmet liners) may be worn underneath the helmet and may be worn as an outer garment for short periods when the helmet is removed, per the Commander’s discretion,” the MARADMIN reads. “The helmet cap will not be worn in lieu of the MCCUU caps.”

However, women remain forbidden from wearing their hair in a ponytail. Nevertheless, the Marines hinted that there might be a change regarding that requirement soon.

“The Commandant of the Marine Corps, along with senior leadership, is still considering proposals for adjustments to the female hair policy, and a decision will be announced via a separate MARADMIN at a later date,” Capt. Ryan Bruce told Marine Corps Times in an email on February 17, 2022.

The Marine Corps is striving to keep up with the times by making its membership more diverse and inclusive. Some of the changes that have been made include allowing Marines to grow their hair out, expressing themselves through hairstyles, and wearing nail polish in a variety of colors. The Marine Corps is keeping up with the times and striving to be more inclusive for all its members.

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