‘Men in Grey’ Broke Tradition by Banning Pic of Queen with Lilibet Which Saddened Harry & Meghan, Claims Expert

Rumor has it that Harry and Meghan’s daughter, Lilibet, born in the US, does not have a photo with her great-grandmother, unlike her brother and other cousins. However, according to a royal expert, this was not the Queen’s doing, and it is sad news for her parents, who are former senior royals.

In June 2022, in honor of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebration and Trooping in Color, family members from far and near attended the event that spanned the entire weekend.

This celebration was marked; the Queen received outgoing dignitaries, Defence Services Secretary Rear Admiral James Macleod and his successor, Major General Eldon Millar.

The visitors were entertained at Windsor Castle, in the Oak Room adorned with mementos and family framed photos. However, one of the pictures stood out: the latest family portrait.

It featured the Queen on a couch, encircled by some of her twelve great-grandkids. While sitting, she carried Lucas, Zara, and Tindall’s youngest and last child. While his sisters Mia and Lena sat closely, with Lena holding her brother’s hand.

William and Kate’s kids were also present, with Prince Louis sitting with his great-grandmother while his siblings, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, stood behind the sofa.

Peter Philip’s girls, Savannah and Isla, were part of the squad, as well as the eldest in the group, and only grandchild, Lady Louise. Sources confirmed that the picture was photographed during the family’s visit to the Queen’s Scottish highlands last summer.

This is not the first time the reigning monarch will be photographed with the tiny royal members. In 2018, the Duchess of Cambridge captured the Queen and Prince Philip with seven of their great-grandchildren.

Royal fans would notice that this is already a family tradition, as in 2016, “The Royal Family” Facebook page shared a photo of the Queen and five of her great-grandchildren and her two youngest grandkids, taken in the Green Drawing Room.

To honor the Queen, Harry and Meghan visited the UK alongside their kids, Archie and Lilibet, for the first time in a long time. This marked their first visit as a couple, following their exit from the royal family and royal duties, to reside in the US and have a normal life.

During their visit, their youngest child turned one, and they celebrated it at the Windsor Frogmore Cottage, where they stayed.

The couple threw a calm and relaxed birthday bash in the garden, with balloons decor, picnic-themed snacks, a birthday cake, and party games.

Guests at the event included Lilibet’s cousins, Lucas, Mia, Lena, Savannah, and Isla. Although Prince William and Kate’s kids were absent, the couple wished their niece a happy birthday online.

Her granddad, Prince Charles, did not make it to the party, even though he celebrated his youngest granddaughter.

Despite the absence of one-time close family members, the party was Lilibet’s chance to meet her cousins and other close friends of her parents, including Charlie Van Straubenzee, Archie’s godfather. An insider confirmed that:

“It was a lovely do and had everything you’d expect from a child’s birthday party. But there was no formal entertainment. The idea was for it to be very relaxed and casual, with people free to pop in and out as they wished.”

A few days after the birthday celebration, the couple took their daughter to meet with the Queen for the first time. During the meeting, they wanted a photo shoot between the Crown and her great-grandchild.

However, their request to have a private snapper was declined. This was because the palace feared that the image would be shared with the US media, and they considered it a private family meeting.

This translates to Lilibet not being privileged to enjoy the tradition of a personal photo with the monarch, which is something even her brother has.

Although the palace has maintained its silence as usual concerning the occurrence, royal expert Christopher Anderson explained that the Queen was not at fault.

Anderson claimed that the “men in grey” who “really handle things” banned the couple from fulfilling their request. He added:

“It was a really bitter pill for Meghan and Harry to swallow. It’s a tradition to be photographed with the monarch when you’re a grandchild or a great-grandchild. But this was a really different feeling.”

Despite not having a photo with her great-grandchild and namesake, sources alleged that the Queen admired Harry’s kids and even presented them with gifts during Lilibet’s first birthday, which “added some light” to the weekend. According to the source:

“[Elizabeth] thinks they’re adorable and gave Lili and Archie gifts.”


Unlike Archie, Lilibet was born in the US after her parents’ exit from the royal family and relocation to the UK.

This explains why she was never christened in the UK. However, weeks before their royal visit, royal experts predicted that the couple might extend their stay to give their daughter a royal christening.

During an episode of “Royally Us,” the anchors, Christina Garibaldi and Christine Ross discussed the possibility of it happening.

After reading a royal watchers comment that talked about the little girl being christened while reuniting with family, Garibaldi said:

“That’s an interesting thing to say; maybe Lilibet will have her christening while they are at Windsor during the Platinum Jubilee.”

Ross responded by explaining that it would be quite a busy time as many members of the royal family already had engagements in different parts of the country.

She added that it would be surprising if Harry and Meghan pulled it off and that it would be a small event. In her words:

“Maybe just Meghan, Harry, Lilibet, Archie and the Queen, something really small that they could squeeze in.”

Royal fans know that the christening process happens a few months after birth, with the royal family members attending the special occasion.

Harry and his wife experienced it when Archie was born in 2019, while they were residents of the palace — following the event, a photo of Archie wearing the traditional christening gown was released.

However, with baby Lilibet, there has been no confirmation of the traditional christening, whether in the UK or the US.

Despite the hope of it happening during the family’s visit, many believed it would not occur because of the royal events slated for the weekend celebration.

Later, Harry and Meghan were invited to spend the vacations with the Queen in Balmoral at the end of August, royal expert Katie Nicholl claimed. However, it never happened.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II passed away peacefully on Thursday, September 8, at Balmoral Castle, surrounded by her loved ones.

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